Posted by: annmucc | January 17, 2009

The Palace Diaries…Twelve Years with HRH Prince Charles

Just in case you were wondering…No! I am not in any way involved with any palace (though I catch the bus every day from the bus stop called Kensington Palace, just outside Kensington Palace – does that count?)

And NO! I have not even seen Prince Charles, or been anywhere in the remote vicinity of him (as far as I know) since I been here, let alone spent 12 years or so with him!

So what’s with the title!

Well, that is the name of a book I have just finished reading (Ahhhh I can hear you sigh – she’s not going crazy…as yet ;)): The Palace Diaries: Twelve Years with HRH Prince Charles by Nicholas Monson and Sarah Goodall. In it, Sarah Goodall recounts details from the twelve years she spent working as a Lady Clerk at the Royal Palace, starting out answering Prince Charles’s fan-mail, and going on to other events, like Royal Tours, staff banquets, royal banquets, stays at Balmoral Palace, and what-not. In it she also shows her ‘crush’ on Prince Charles, and her fierce loyalty towards him in his ‘battle’ with the people’s hearts with Diana.

I would take anything read there with a bit of a pinch of salt, rather than take everything as the truth and nothing but the truth, but I must say I did enjoy the lighthearted take it does on life as an employee of the palace, especially on the ‘Red-carpet fever’, which as she says, makes someone who has worked with royals for a number of years feel somewhat royal themselves as well.

So if you have some time, and need some good carbohydrate-type reading, with a bit of fact in it, I would surely not discouraging from picking up this book!


The Palace Diaries - Twelve Years with HRH Prince Charles

The Palace Diaries - Twelve Years with HRH Prince Charles



  1. you boughjt it or giot it from d library…i want ti read it when i come to london 😀

  2. @ Cec: LOL! Of course I got it from the library 🙂 I will try to remember to keep it here then till when you arrive 😛

  3. Jabqillek tiftakar 😛

  4. @ Cec: You can always remind me…or we go borrow it again 😛

  5. […] this display of books in the form of diaries, like this one and the previous book I blogged about, The Palace Diaries. I would have probably not picked these books otherwise, but so glad I did now! I got other books […]

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