Posted by: annmucc | January 18, 2009

Ann is Happy :)

She’s happy to be out of the house to meet someone (who is not Ruth for dinner or office mates at work) at long last!

Since I’ve returned to London, I haven’t been out practically at all besides home, office, buying tickets for the family trip for Quidam.

And now? A friend, Georgina, is in town with her boyfriend, and I am off to meet them! 😀 The weather so far is fine, and at last being over being sick and trying to stay warm inside (or so I hope!) it is good to be off out.

Will tell you about it later!



  1. Hope you enjoyed it :D…me at Bees cos went to his aunts hse for lunch etc (cos they were abraod for Christmas/New Year so they held the fgamily gathering today) and now ‘ed naddi l-hin’ here until Bee studies a bit for 2moros exam and then we do sthg perhaps watch a DVD and he takes me hme to sleep and prepare for the next week YEAH

  2. Hi Ann, wii I checked out your blog!
    Did you notice 😉

  3. @ Cec: Hope you enjoyed it – I did – I have to blog about it tonight (was too lazy yest O:))

    @ Michele: Welllll….since you elft me a comment OF COURSE I realised 😛 – but the visitor country list is not updated every day, so as yet I only have one hit from Namibia (which has been there for quite a while, and I have NO idea from whom!) Welcome to my blog 😛

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