Posted by: annmucc | January 19, 2009

Meeting Georgina and Sunday Night

As I said in my last post, yesterday afternoon I went off to Notting Hill to meet up with Georgina and her boyfriend who were visiting London for the weekend. As always, I was a bit early, so I went off to top up my Oyster Card, but as I was exiting the tube station, exactly on time might I add :P, I hear Georgina calling me. Woohooo!

What to do? I still feel a bit lost in London, and totally have no idea where to go with people, so we walked along the street till they pointed out a cafe/restuarant/whatever that looked nice: All Bar One! In we went, we sat down, and looked at the menu. We wanted to order soemthing small like a snack, and well, the small menu we were given with specials also referred to a full menu – we asked for that and got it…hmm…one question though…why does the food on the specials menu cost something like £2 less than on the full menu? And which price would we pay? We ask the waitress…she didn’t look very sure, but she confirmed that we would pay the price on the specials menu. Fine!

I want a chargrilled chicken sandwich I said…me too echoes Andrzej, Georgina’s bf, me three chimes in Georgina…well good. And drinks? Andrzej wanted a beer…Georgina? she wanted hot chocolate, and of course I immediately echoed Georgina for hot chocolate – not very orignal, but who cares?

The food comes…mmm…it looks delicious…we dig in…it WAS delicious, and not that expensive for London standards maybe? £4.75 for a well filled sandwich? (£6.50 or so though without the special…). The hot chocolate was also good, so I must say I really couldn’t complain much for the food. If I had to criticise anything? Maybe the service…there was only one waitress for the whole restaurant, and she didn’t look like she was the fastest working one at all…it took us quite a while to get her to get us our bill.

But we didn’t just eat and leave! We (of course :P) caught up, discussing were everyone is, and what everyone is doing, and just catching up in general. I must say it was nice to see a fmailiar face from back home (even if she is no longer ‘back home’). It was also nice to talk to someone who is dating someone foreign, and to hear that their parents have met already…mine and Michael will in April, so it was good not to hear that it went horribly wrong 🙂

After dinner we went our separate ways and back down to my residence I went. On the way down I saw that there was a church with a mass at 6pm with a youth group animating it…oh well…I hadn’t gone to mass in the morning (as I sometimes do in the chapel connected to the residence), and this looked interesting. I kept it in mind, and returned home. As I entered the residence I also saw that Ruth was in, so decided to go say hi…I knock…and Wooow…there were her parents there and a friend of the family (I knew the parents were visiting). I had already met her mum, but had never met her dad. So I stayed around for some chit-chat, got to know that her dad knows my aunt, and off I went.

6pm came? Off I went to church then. And I must say I was glad to have gone! The music was good, singing some songs I also know. It was also the first place I went to mass here that felt like a church, bringing back feelings of hearing mass in my parish church. Also, although when I entered it looked half empty, it soon filled up by the time the mass started. I really appreciated it in the midst of everything. I was also suprised that here communion is done similar to what is done in the Danish Protestant churches, where the people kneel down on the chancel (kancell?) leading to the altar, and the priest (and his helper) move around giving communion to the kneeling people…you receive communion and get up to make way for other people to replace you. I liked the idea of kneeling, and in the process having some time to think about what you are going to receive.

Back home? On to chat with Michael, of course. We played some Carcassone, and then when we were getting tired, we decided to watch Friends ‘together’…so he aked me what episode I had arrived at watching (I have been watching Friends the past few weeks), and we started it together :D. Of course it ended together, and off we went to sleep.



Good Night!

Good Night!


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