Posted by: annmucc | January 22, 2009

Rehousing – Part 2: The ‘Rehousing’

Now the actual rehousing was to start.

All envelopes numbered, so off to a small room adjoined to our office, where there was a bit of space for me to organise my collection. Now I had to start putting the photographs into the envelopes. But ohh wait! There was one last thing I needed to do before! I needed to get images of the printing on the back of some of the photographs…these backprints generally are the same for the same kind of paper form a manufacturer produced in the same period. I had tried to do this while I was photographing the photos before, but I must say my trials failed miserably, as I only got very unfocused hazy images due to the very low contrast with the background (most are light grey), and so inability of the camera to focus. Well, I decided to shoot off a question to Sabine of Days of my Life…in Gozo, who is quite a keen and good photographer. My first try at asking? I sent off a rambling explanation of what I want…of course, she couldn’t understand a thing, so then I decided to simplify it and say what I want rather than a whole rambling thesis about nothing and everything…I needed some hints on getting the camera to focus on images with very low contrast with their background. Sabine answers…I try out her suggestion…SUCCESS! She suggested placing a paper clip on the image, focus on that, remove the paper clip, and take the photo. It may be common sense, but I would have NEVER in a million years thought of that. So now I could photograph these backprints properly, I wanted to do this before I put the photographs in their envelope, but to save time I decide to combine it with the rehousing, and rehouse the photographs as soon as their backprint was photographed

First step of process…separate all the photos with a backprint according to the manufacturing company and place the ones without a backprint into their own individually referenced envelope. Second up was then to take the photographs by each manufacturing company, and separate the photographs depending on the backprint shown. Now that they were all grouped, I could choose the photograph with the clearest backprint, take an image of that, edit the image, and place a link in my ever-growing reference collection spreadsheet to the image for all the photos which had that backrpint. Today I got as far as doing the Agfa, Mitsubishi (I have one photo developed on Mitsubishi paper :D), and Konica. However, then time was up, since I thought that there was the monthly guest lecture today. Alas, I did not find anyone where I thought the lecture should have been, and had no other ideas, so I came home to blog about my rehousing project 🙂

Tomorrow I need to sort out the Kodak and the Fuji photos, and I’m ready with the rehousing project. Then all that should be left to do is to rehouse any new photographs which come along (and link the images I took to the spreadsheet, which I am planning on doing over the weekend).

I am actually quite happy with the whole thing :). A few weeks back I had colelcted a shoebox which another person in the office was going to throw away, to use for my photos, and luckily enough the envelopes I bought today fit just exactly and perfectly in this box…so now I will have a nice box with these ordered envelopes containing my research collection to show for my efforts 😀

As regards the reports I should have been writing? I finished them, minus finishing touches, and trying to find further information for one of the reports (I received two papers which should be relevant to it today, but haven’t had time to look seriously through them…I should have finished these reports this week, but hopefully my supervisor will not ask me for them tomorrow and I can finish them over the weekend O:).

PS. Hope you’re happy today Mina 😉



  1. rather confusing…
    but cool nonetheless. 🙂

  2. @ Mina: my writing is confusing? If that sorry – but I know 😛

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