Posted by: annmucc | January 23, 2009

Cleaning out the Lab

Well, as long as I have been in London, the lab has been in quite a mess, from the first day I went in to it, when as soon as my supervisor said he was taking me down to see it, the head of department said something along the lines of ‘don’t scare her on her first day’!, and over the last few months it actually got worse as we had to move everything around for the lab to be painted, and then we got new stuff with no place for it all…Space is a big problem I must say at university, as well as the ‘habit’ of people leaving the place and just leaving all their stuff where it was e.g. I cannot use the drawers next to my desk, or the shelves (except one which I cleared out), as there is still stuff from at least the last two people who sat there before me.

Well, this thing with the lab has been on my supervisor’s mind for quite a while, that we need a decent work space. I was in charge of getting cleaners to clean out the palce, but the cleaners said there was too much stuff in the middle, so today my supervisor, another lady who uses the lab (and is in my office), Zhihui, and I, went down to the lab to held clean it out once and for all.

First things first? All the old equipment went over the chambers…ahh – I should tell you about these as well first! So in the lab there are these two big chambers (size of a small room), in which you can place your samples (I am guessing large samples not my photographs :P) and control the environment. The problem with them is that of course they take up a good chunk of space; the good thing is that we can put stuff over them and no one sees πŸ˜‰ . So all the old equipment went up there, with Zhihui and I passing stuff on to my supervisor to palce them up there (I must say I was a bit scared I would end up with no supervisor by the end of that πŸ˜› ).Β 

Then…my favourite part…throwing stuff out :D…we saw what is ours, and what is not, and from what is not we saw if we needed anything (very minimal), and threw the rest all out. It felt very relieving I must say ;). Once the stuff was out, then we could start to organise the space a bit better, as we actually had place to move!

Well…now I must say we have a lab which is at least half-way presentable πŸ™‚ – and I was invovled with that…Next though is making MY room presentable, before mum gets here and gets appalled πŸ˜› Maybe I should do that this weekend?






  1. maybe you should!!

  2. @ Mina: maybe I should, or maybe leave it till next weekend, before mum and cec come, cos otherwise I would still have to clean it all over again πŸ˜›

  3. haha…

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