Posted by: annmucc | January 31, 2009

Priceless – Charlie Daniels

Another book from the front display at the library…another (non-fiction) book read…another post šŸ™‚

Priceless – My Journey Through a Life of Vice, is the autobiography of Charlie Daniels. Here she writes aabout her childhood, how she got into prostitution, expanded into escorts and became a madam, her time in prison, and how she got back to the industry on leaving, and how she left it all for her kid at the end (she had had a girl when she was 17, which was being reaised by her mother [who she got to know was actually her foster mother not birth mother]).

Maybe this book did not pull me in as much as the previous book about the FLDS did. A possible reason could be that though in fiction books you are always reading about prostitution, the presence of Mormons, and of how this particular group lived, is not often depicted (if at all). So there I was thirsty to learn more about a different way of life. Nevertheless, as you probably realise, I DID devour the book quickly, even reading on the bus šŸ˜‰ (which is not the best thing for me to do :P).Ā 

Hope you’re enjoying reading my blogs about the books I’m reading (and decide they won’t shatter your illussion of me, like it would if I tell you of the Mills and Boon books I have read :P). Hope they inspire you to read more, and to give you ideas about what you can read next…besides acting as food for thought, as I hope you follow some of the links, to learn more about the subject. For me, I am enjoying keeping a record of the books I have been reading (thanks Michael for suggesting the idea originally!). I am still not sure how to blog about a book…don’t know if I should just put down a short summary, or present a more thorough critique of the book (though that would also mean that I would have to read the book more carefully :P).

I’ll keep you posted about my reading!

Found this blog by a former prostitute…maybe you want to check it out

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