Posted by: annmucc | February 1, 2009

Your Country Needs You!

Who me? NO…not me (or you! :P). That’s the name of the show I went to see yesterday: Eurovision – Your Country Needs You! (you can watch it here if you’re in the UK, and you can read more about the show here). This was the way that the UK chose their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest this year, and yesterday was the final. I had tickets for the show, but for some reason I had only applied for one (I have been applying for a number of shows, but never managed to make it there!)…but anyways, off I went on my own.

First up I had to wait in a queue to get through security (when THAT opened…I arrived like 15 mins early, since not everyone who has tickets gets in). Waiting in the queue was a bit boring, since I had no one to talk to (though I was kept quite entertained by the people behind me :P). Getting through security then, as we were walking to the Foyer, we were all given a number after each other…I got 163, and later realised that it was only till 200 that got a definite place in…the others had to stay on standby, if not even turned away, so it was good I arrived slightly early. After dropping off our coats and bags in the cloakroom in the Foyer, we had to wait for another hour or so to get into the studio.

First group (production guests + 1-50) – in…second group (after like 10mins) [51-200]…in! Hmm…however, to get to the studio we had to go outside! AHHH! it was freezing! A Russian guy behind me (with his wife 😛 so don’t worry) saw me shivering uncontrollably as we waited, and a he had his coat and his scarf still with him (for some reason), wrapped his scarf around me…mmm…so glad there was a gentleman there! I was going to DIE!

Into the studio…we started going up the stairs to be seated…woohoo! However, when I was nearly at the top, a big group of production guests came through! Grrr…from 2 people in front of me, we ended up in the pit, standing. Oh well, this waiting at least gave me time to get to know the people around me, and to have people to talk to etc. during the show :). Also, being in the pit was actually quite good…I was at the end of the short runway, with no one in front of me, and no one behind me…so had a very good view, and an added bonus! – where I was could be caught from practically no camera! (just watched the show online, and couldn’t see me, so I’m a happy camper :P). A downside if I may call it that, was that cameras often had to move in front of me and behind me, so I was jostled around a bit, but I must say I was HIGHLY impressed by the production people…they were ever so polite! and said sorry when they had to move you, and came to check afterwards if everything is all right…I mean they had a job to do, and on top of that to be very much interested that you’re OK, and apologising every single time and in such a nice manner? WOW!

On to the show…after around one hour of entertainmen, the show started…there were 3 acts still standing…Jade, The Twins, and Mark…I had never heard any of them, or knew who they were (A) so I was pretty open minded :). They all sung first one song of their choice, then the song Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote for this years Eurovision entry, and then a third song which ALW chose from their previous songs.

What did I think of the three acts?

Well, Mark was a very good singer, but I found that he often lacked some punch to the song…however, I think his ending to ALW’s song was the best…where the others seemed to drift off not knowing where to take the melody, he really did something good with it!

Jade: Great singer technically and all-round. Very clear that she has had training (as has Mark), and that she knows how to use her voice very well

The Twins: My favourite 😉 They were so cute! One thing I thought they could have worked on more was the fact that they were 2 voices not one, so could have worked more with harmonies, which they didn’t do practically at all, often just singing together in unison, or in alternating lines. Nevertheless…this IS the Eurovision here, not the highest standard singing in the world contest. I really though they would win, not for their technical ability (which is lacking compared to the others), but for the adorable factor…I also liked seeing the connection the two of them had…this twin connection I think is different between twins/siblings to friends…cannot wait to see Cecilia next week 😉 (and have someone to tease MUHAHAHAHA :P)

Well, alas, my ideas didn’t work out :(. It was Jade who won! I must say, if I had to chose someone for technical and all-round ability, I would have DEFINITELY chosen Jade. However, she didn’t seem to pull me towards her (and that is what gets votes ultimately in the Eurovision!) as Mark, or especially the Twins did…this being the Eurovision, I think they could have done ebtter with the twins (which are a novelty, especially if they worked with them on harmonising the melody.

Anyways…Good Luck to Jade and all 3 acts! Really enjoyed the show.

And as I am on the topic of Eurovision…Good Luck to Dorothy (and Vittorio) for next week, for their entry into the Malta Song for Europe Contest!



  1. One of my teachers mentioned this show… I was shocked to find out that ALW wrote the music for it… but anyways, that’s quite a cool experience!

  2. @ Lulu: hehe…but why were you shocked? cos its for the Eurovision?

  3. yeps that’s why she was shocked…

  4. @ Mina/Lulu: well, he’s writing a song to represent his country…it is not just Malta who takes the Eurovision seriously…as you see from the UK getting ALW in…

  5. cannot wait to see ANN next week (and have someone to tease MUHAHAHAHA

  6. @ Cec: you cannot repeat what I said: MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. Try and stop me MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  8. @ Cec: I can easily block/delete your comments 😛

  9. Ah twins 🙂

    Eurovision is pretty big in Denmark as well – or it has been again the last couple of years.

    This is who was elected to represent Denmark:

    Yeah the ALW thing sounds very peculiar to me as well. Oh well

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