Posted by: annmucc | February 2, 2009

All Play and No Work, Makes Ann A Snowday :)

Well, as I said here (and here AND here ;)) over the last 2 days, London has gotten snow! Actually, the heaviest snowfall to hit the UK in 18 years. A lot of people (including my supervisor ;)) were not that happy, but ME? A Maltese girl? Oh NOOOO. I was excited like a little kid! :D:D:D (yes…sometimes I really wonder what people think when they see me and ask me what I am doing and I say that I am doing a PhD at UCL…I am pretty sure most of them say how can this be so?)

Well, as I already wrote, first thing I did in the morning, was go outside to build a snowman with some others :D. Well, my snow-play did not end there! After that, I came back to my room, and was dead tiredΒ (after all I was up early…working hard in the construction industry πŸ˜‰ [you know, BUILDING a snowman and what not :P]), so I took myself off to bed to read and rest a bit. MMM…lovely nap! Woke up, and TRIED to do much work…not very successfully though I must say (I just organised some titles in one report I have been working…and that was practically it :P).Β 

PING! It’s Ruth pinging me on msn…go off to eat? Sure! And after eating we’re going to Kensingotn Gardens (to see the snow OF COURSE ;)). Off I went, for lunch and snow in Kensington Gardens, walking around the place, taking photos (Ruth, not me – don’t have the camera with me :-/) and enjoying the whiteness of everywhere…it was pretty clear that schools were out, and most people couldn’t get to work…on account of the number of children (AND grownups) playing in the snow, sledging down a small incline, and just enjoying the scenery.

Hmm…was getting cold by then, with my feet soaked through, so Ruth and I returned home, with the intent of working. Did that work? NOOOO! Janina and Abby, two girls on my floor, were going shopping as I was entering my room, for stuff to make brownies and a lemon cake! Do I want to join? SURE! Off we went (thanks Abby – she lent me an extra pair of boots she has ;)). We trudged off to Tesco, returned home, and started baking the brownies and cake…mmmm!

In the middle of cooking, I returned to my room, and found pings on facebook from my supervisor! AAAAA – he had sent me his comments on the research proposal I had been writing. Had I received it? hmm…Yes! but I haven’t looked at it yet O:)…Can I do it by tonight! AAAA – I really need to get down to writing it! So oh well, back to my work, finished the edits he suggested. Hmmm…but half-way through, Ruth pinged again…do I want to go down to eat? SURE – I’m FAMISHED I said…off I went for a quick dinner and back to work!

Have just finished writing the research proposal and sent it off…pheww! That’s done! Now I can rest? Hope so! At least for today.

Hope tomorrow buses are working though…I should be going to the TNA, but if nothing is working, it will be a bit difficult :-/ We’ll see how that goes tomorrow πŸ™‚



  1. JEALOUS JEALOUS 😦 uweee…but if you go on facebook you can see a photo of me in d snow πŸ˜€ LUCKY ME!!

  2. Hehe I hope there are pictures comming up of you all smiles and jumping around πŸ˜€ Glad you finally got to experience proper snow – wish I had been there to share it with you.

  3. @ Cec: MUHAHAHAHA! Not anymore πŸ˜›

    @ Michael: Glad I did too πŸ˜€

  4. Pixtures available on facebook πŸ˜€

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