Posted by: annmucc | February 3, 2009

Good Morning, Crappy Evening

Woke up this morning, to find no snow falling…a bit of a disappointment I must say after yesterday’s fun. However, it was also a relief, since this morning I had to go to the National Archives (TNA) to hopefully get the security pass at long last! Since I had to be at the TNA at 11, and the Transport for London website said that the trip by bus (I enjoy the bus ride, but today I actually didn’t have much choice…no trains were passing through High Street Kensington due to some faulty train on the line) would take around 1 hr 20mins, I decided to leave home at 9 (especially due to all the warnings of delays etc. on the network, and knowing the big problems for getting this pass!). Well, surprise, surprise…I didn’t manage to arrive late! Oh NOOO! The bus ride took me around 45 minutes!!! So I ended up arriving 1hr 15 mins early at the TNA. 

Regardless of this, the morning was still great! It was really nice, going through the streets of London in a bus, and seeing everywhere still covered in white. It put a smile on my face, it really did! The sun was shining, the ground was white…and the streets were quite clear. Also, I always enjoy going to the TNA, just because I really like the landscape out there, passing through these (what are to me) villages (though still part of London, they resemble Malta’s villages according to me – one urban sprawl with different names and different ‘mini’-centres)…It would be an area I would seriously consider, if it wasn’t that far out from university (around  hours by bus I guess, though it would take less by tube! – maybe that should be a thought :P). Also, when I got to the TNA, I had the time to sit in the cafeteria by the window, overlooking the pond in the entrance, and watch people walking in in the midst of the icy pond and the white fluffy powder everywhere.

After a lot of reading (not complaining though :P), I started thinking of going back to reception to call the guy I was supposed to be meeting (one of my supervisors from the TNA), but alas! he came into the cafeteria at that moment. So I chatted a bit with him and others, while he had his lunch, before we made our way to get the pass sorted.

Well, we have been trying to sort this pass out since November or so! My supervisor at the TNA (KN) had told me that they make a big fuss about nothing…but WOW! they really do! Do you know how long it took us? Less than 5 minutes! I’m dead serious! I went in, they took my photo, they downloaded the image, and printed the card…that’s IT! And they give you all this hassle for them to organise a meeting for THIS? Why cannot they just allow drop-ins (I mean, how many people are making new cards?…apparently the meeting for them is always Tuesday at 11, and I was the only one there)…I think it took them more time and effort to organise the meeting than for the pass to be done! Oh well, it meant a nice bus ride in the lovely landscape 😉

Back to university…I made the mistake of deciding to continue reading on the bus (I was interested to see how the story goes) BIIIIIIG Mistake! The bus ride was for at least 1.5hrs, and I haven’t been on a bus for so long in ages, and on top of that I read? I arrived at my office totally drowsy and queasy. Well, once I was there, I might as well try to get something done. So I went to meet with my supervisor at UCL (MS) to confirm tomorrow’s meeting again at the TNA (to discuss the research proposal I was finalising yesterday) [alas, when I returned to my office I found that I had received an e-mail confirming it, but since it went in to my UCL account, it takes some time for it to get to my google account, where I read my e-mails [using some Pop whatever system] – that explains the strange look my supervisor gave me when I asked him hehe]. That went OK – meeting held tomorrow :), and went back to the office, where I sent off some quotes to my supervisor (probably should have done that ages ago, but anyways). Then? I decided to continue working on my report, but NOOO! At that time one lecturer enters the office, and he starts discussing and talking with another person in my office…grrrr! I’m queasy, tired, and have a shot concentration…Now this? Oh well, I just packed and left for home (they were discussing uni stuff, so it wasn’t like they were fooling around), where I have now done some work (not a lot, but better than nothing!), and now going off to dinner…mmmmm! (I hope :-/)

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