Posted by: annmucc | February 3, 2009

Me and the Modern Ways of Communication!

Well, as anyone who knows me would probably know, I am notoriously hopeless at keeping up with new methods. I can do e-mail, and generally that is the best way to contact me…but sms’s on my mobile phone? Oh NOOOO! There, I am hopeless! I am MUCH more likely to see an e-mail as soon as it enters, than to even realise that someone messaged me or phoned me on my phone! Why? Not really sure…but mainly cos I don’t realise my phone has rung, and leave my phone running around everywhere O:). This is particularly at night…message me at night, I will read it (apparently, since the messages would be open in the morning) but do I know what is written? NOOOO! No idea. It’s not the first time I get slightly upset cos someone did not message me, but a couple of days later (or weeks O:)), as I am going through my inbox, I find a message from that person from that day! hehe O:)

Well, it seems like last night my supervisor messaged me about going (or not going in actually) to work because of the transport situation. I DID follow that part of the message (I stayed home) but hehe…didn’t really follow the rest, which said to WORK from hom…I mainly played O:). I also see now that he wrote something about a short presentation…but what kind of presentation? And should I prepare a ppt (which I would have to prepare)? or is an oral presentatiion what he needs (in which case I can probably wing it, seeing as this IS my project, and I have been working on it for the past few months now :)).

Anyways, today I am off to the National Archives to hopefully finally get the security clearance I have been waiting for. The underground is not working from the tube station next to me (due to some faulty train the website says…but not complaining, since I have had a quiet night and day with no trains passing underneath my window :P). But now i have to be off to catch the buses I guess.

I’ll worry about the presentation later/on the bus 🙂



  1. ” …but sms’s on my mobile phone? ”

    looool… I realised that within the first week in London!


  2. @ Ruth: hehe…you’re a quick learner aren’t you Ruth 😉 but you see people? It’s not that hard to figure that one out when you’re living around me! And even calls…don’t be too sure I’ll answer my phone…it is generally buried under a whole lot of stuff God knows where and I will surely not even remember I have one, let alone answer it (if I answer it that is :P)

  3. kemm qeghda sew jahasra

  4. @ Mina: Be nice!

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