Posted by: annmucc | February 4, 2009

25 Random Things

Well, I am still trying to catch up on the 200 questions 😉 So here are another 25 answers (to add to the 101 minus a few ;))

I got tagged by Grace on Facebook, so here goe the answers to hopefully please Grace (and the rest of you ;))

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you! And If you’d done so, that means I ❤ you guys and I seriously want you to know more about yours truly.


1. I used to learn the piano and the ‘cello, and really enjoyed them…but sadly never had the dedication to really get good at them I think…I enjoyed the playing and particularly playing in a group, but was never too keen on the solo playing scene. Hope to pick them up (or some instrument) again sometime…playing music DID make me happy.

2. I have never been to the US. I never really thought about it before MCA started mentioning it. Now I realise that I am a bit scared of going to this enormous country, with enormous everything…Europe in a way seems like home. However, I am starting to warm up to the idea, and hope I have some reason to go there soon…maybe I can find a conference I can convince my supervisor I should really attend?

3. I was involved in IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) for a couple of years, and went on two internships, one in Germany (on microbiology) and another in Prague (in wood conservation science). I seriously think this organisation gives some damn good opportunities to students, and am very proud I was involved in it. 

4. One of the things I like about my field of study is that I get to go to places of historic importance as part of my work, getting access to areas that others do not, and being able to roam around these places, while learning more about them through my work…I just love that!

5. After my first year at university I spent 3.5 weeks in Egypt doing voluntary work with a group from university: in the morning we organised a summer school for children living in Muqattam, a garbage village, while in the afternoon we worked in Faggalah, in Cairo, were some of us organised a summer school for kids in the area, while others helped out in the general maintenance and day-to-day jobs required in the convent/old people’s home there.

6. One of my scariest experiences was the night train from Budapest to Deva (Romania), where none of the border guards spoke English OR seemed to know where Malta was! They continuously took the passports out of our cabin, probably to discuss if they were real or not…scary! But lead to a wonderful week!

7. My first job was as a waitress at the Intercontinental hotel (Malta). One of my most embarassing experiences was being asked by a guest where the toilet was, and answering ‘Do you want ice and lemon with that?’ ‘cos I had just been taught to ask that when someone orders a gin and tonic, and that was what I understood!

8. I have a serious problem with recognising people…I tend to put people in pairs, and never manage to recognise one from the other, and they don’t necessarily even have to look in any way similar! This has led to some embarassing situations where I do not even realise there are 2 people, and think that the two of them are the same!

9. I started playing softball in the middle of my A’level exam month, after seeing an advert online for players, and e-mailing the address listed in what I call ‘exam depression’

10. One of my proudest moments was getting the ‘Most Valuable Player’ Award for the softball national team…I always considered myself to be good academically, and quite inept athletically, so it was good to get this (even if I also realise that there was some politics going on behind the scene possibly, and that I possibly got it since I it was quite apolitical for me to get it rather than other people :P)

11. Another proud moment was when one of the supervisors during my job at the Intercontinental changed his opinion from one of not really wanting us there, since we weren’t really trained for the job (didn’t have a catering on hotelier course), to him telling us some time later that he thinks that we are doing a very good job regardless. I appreciated him telling us that!

12. I have never had a supervisor I didn’t get along with I think (besides maybe some of the people at my last job in Malta).

13. Probably my most boring job was the one which my bachelor course could most easily direct me to: lab analyst in a pharmaceutical company! I could have just killed myself if it wasn’t that I knew that I would probably soon be leaving for London.

14. The most snow I ever saw in my life was last Monday…I was like a little 6-year-old kid jumping up and down 😉

15. I believe that there is someone bigger than us, who I call God.

16. I read everything and anything…I always need to have a book to read.

17. Reading on a moving bus/vehicle makes me feel sick/tired/queasy, but I still do it, as I always want to know what will happen next.

18. According to me, London is not one whole city, but a central decently-sized city, with a lot of small villages joined together into one urban sprawl.

19. If it was for me, I could live in my red polo-shirt in summer, and a purple striped t-shirt in winter…I hate that in London it is not like in Malta, where I can put the clothes in the washing basket, and they are washed and dried by the next morning (read: mum!). If I have a top I like, I find it difficult to part with it.

20. I used to really like mushrooms, but once i ate too much at one go, and they made me sick…so I stopped eating them. Lately I have started eating them again,a s long as they aren’t big chunks and/or too many of them.

21. My favourite softdrink is Kinnie…and it’s not because I want to feel patirotic! Also, my favourite snack is qassatat 🙂

22. When I was younger, one of my biggest shocks came when, while discussing with my friends who is the most mature, everyone said me! I said ‘Never again!’ Now I often think that people around me think I act too young, especially for someone doing a PhD…but don’t know how to go around changing that (and not sure I want to!).

23. I miss having the Maltese ftira with kunserva (tomato paste), zejt taz-zebbuga (olive oil), tuna, salt, pepper, and whatnot…even if I also do like the Danish open-sandwich with salami/roast beef, remoulade, and fried onions.

24. I have a twin-sister, and a brother 1.5 years (minus three days ;)) older

25. I am not sure how to answer when people ask me what subject I am doing for my PhD…If I say heritage science, they think I am doing something with DNA and genetics, If I say conservations science, they think birds and flowers, and if i try to explain the general idea, most people just look strangely at me (and I don’t know why! – I actually think that my project is pretty straight forward to understand what the general concept is!)


Well…there goes the 25! And who do I tag? Whoever wants to do it 🙂


  1. Thanks for doing this Ann! I really appreciate learning these things about you, and reading about your life in London. You write about interesting things. 🙂

    Initially I thought no one I tagged would do this 25 things list, but you’re now the 3rd of my tagged friends who did. I am hopeful that the rest will get to it eventually. 2 of them already said (vehemently) that they won’t. But you never know. 🙂

  2. 10 made me laugh

  3. @ Grace: Hehe – I was always meaning to post them…just took a bit of time to get around to it O:) Give us poor people some time 😛

    @ Mina: Hehe…but do you think it is true or not? THAT’S the question 😛

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