Posted by: annmucc | February 6, 2009

Guest Blogging by Cec: Another Day

Good evening…I am back in Ann’s room and decided to blog a bit and keep you all updated :D…

What did we do?…well yesterday evening my dear masters tutor (while Ann is in London for her PhD I am working and doing my masters on a part time basis in biology about seagrasses and biomonitors of marine pollution), sent me an email saying he urgently requires a progress report on my masters to submit to the board. Therefore this morning (Ann had to be at UCL from 10am till 4pm for meetings/lectures) we went to UCL with Ann and I immediately filled in the report and sent it to him. Ann then brought some books which I required and were not available in Malta which I required for my research and she brought them to me. It was such a great feeling to see these books I have been hearing about in my research but which have been unavailable to me in Malta. Then me and mum went to the British Library where yesterday me and mum had become readers, so that today I went to see some more books I required. After getting that part of the day over, we went to the British Museum. it was such a great place, really welcoming to people, and great fun to see the different exhibits. Well my mum and I didn’t really see everything…Most of the exhibits were vase after vase after statue…blehh…so we decided to go to the themed exhibits…there were 4, from which we saw 3 :D…

1. Life and Death

2. Money

3. Time (Clocks and Watches).

They were all extremely interesting, but my favourite exhibit was certainly the time exhibit :D…

Then off we went to Leicester Square…at least supposedly,,, but we went on the bus and we should have arrived at our stop…BUT suddenly there is an announcement…the bus in on a diversion…hmmm what can we do…so the  next stop we went down, and got another bus…and we arrived somewhere in the vicinity of Leicster Square which we recognised on the map, stopped there and walked to Leicester square, then walked on to COvent garden…but by then it was time to back to UCL to meet Ann again…

I went into UCL building (you should require a card to go in…but hmmm Ann had the card…so what we had pre planned is that I go in, tell the security (who recognises Ann…but wouldnt know I am not her)…I’m sorry I forgot my card…so in I went…and with me mum as ‘Ann’s’ guest :D…and off to the office…after a few mins ann came in…it was great as a guy who had come in the morning when ann had already left, whilst I was working on my report hadn’t belived I was not Ann in the morning…so…then he saw us together…for my Maltese readers…HUDHA GO FIK :P…hehe

We then went for some shopping on Oxfor Street…but very basic…namely shoe shops (didn’t buy anything…except for a bag…my mum) and Primark (ANn bought 2 tops :D)…then back to the residence, ate, went to Tesco to buy some food for the weekend…and now here I am. At the moment Janina…another girl living here is in the room and together with Ann are puffing up an air mattress…that reminds me…these are the chronicles of my sleep…as those who know me know I LOVE my sleep…

Well Ann and mum are sleeping on the same bed, whilst I am sleeping on the camp bed. We had 2 camp beds 1 each for me and mum, but this was better…I took both mattresses and put them on 1 camp bed. But the first night was horrible…it was sooo uncomfortable :(…so the next night I decided to put the mattresses on the floor…great improvement then…now I am adding the air mattress too sohopefully now is the best solution…if no I go back to the two mattresses on the floor…as I slept well.

Now…well tonight we have to go pick up my bro…unfortunately he will msot likely have a delay, meaning that we will most likely go pick him up at about 3am AAAAAAAAaa…we’ll see what happend…that means a very mixed up night…and another similar horrible night tomorrow…as he will be going back and so we will msot likely stay awake AAAAAAA…horrible horrible…but more about that tomorrow 😀

Thanks for reading 😀




  1. Haha. I like the twin act! can be so useful!!!
    Enjoy it 🙂

  2. yeps so true Lulu 😛

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