Posted by: annmucc | February 7, 2009

Guest Bloggin by Cec: What next

Just woke up from my Siesta feeling so much better…

Last night was a horrible night…we had to go collect Stephen in the middle of the night…BUT his plane was delayed…so he missed the bus he was supposed to catch and the last bus by the time he was to come here (that meant us waking up every hour or so to check when he is coming in etc etc). The trains had also stopped, but he found another bus company. Therefre in the middle of the night me and Ann went to Marble arch to pick him up. What amazed me most were these people in short sleeves and miniskirts…I cannot understand…I was freezing in my polo neck top, another long sleeved top, coat, thick tights, trousers and sock, scarf, beany AND gloves. Well I like to be cosy. Then we took Stephen to his hostel and me and Ann made our way to ann’s room (took us about 45mins cos of buses etc etc). This morning Stephen came over at 8:30…WOW he was early we told him to be here 9:30 -10:00…this is a rare occurence…so we were still asleep so had to wake up etc etc. Then off to the science museum we went…then onto Harrods and came back to Ann’s residence, where we had a siesta (Stephen went ff to meet a frend). Now we cook, eat, prepare for tonights show at the Royal albert Hall of Quidam…a show by the Cirque du Soleil…and another long night till about 3am or so with Stephen cos he leaves tonight to go to Frankfurt (work duties hehe). Luckily (till now) I have managed to nip comments in the bud regarding us going with Stephen to the airport (i.e. we would arrive home at about 4:30 or 5am AAAAAAAA)…we’ll see how it goes. But since I had my siesta I may be a bit better…but I don’t see much sense in it…after all if we spend the night awake, omorrow will be another day which is half wasted with sleeping…anyways we will see Stephen in Malta next week.

Sorry for Rambling on

One last thing…for my Maltese readers and others who are interested…A BIG GOOD LUCK to DOROTHY BEZZINA (and Victorio Gauci), who tonight will be singing in the selection for the Eurovision song contest…I am SURE they will give a great performance 😀





  1. i pity cec having no comments
    so i comment

  2. Thanks Mina – Cec was complaining about no comments! Now she got one 😛 It seems like people like me more O:)

  3. ohhh thanks Mina…greatly appreciate it

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