Posted by: annmucc | February 8, 2009

Guest blogging by Cec: QUIDAM etc

Good morning…

QUIDAM…yesterday the whole family had tickets to the Royal Albert Hall to watch the Cirque du Soleil Show Quidam…We were looking forward to the show but not sure to expect…so off we bundled into the bus and entered the Royal Albert Hall. We arrived just in time and found our seats…we were not quite sure what to expect from our seats…they were some of the cheapest there are available (but at least not standing seats…I cannot imagine how people can stay in the standing seats…AAAAAAAAAAA)…the ticket states restricted view to a railing…hmmm…it was nice to know beforehand thet the view is restricted (in Malta they generally do not care if the view is restricted or not…there would be some reduction in price, but you wouldn’t be informed)…well we were pleasantly surprised on finding our seats…yes we did have SOME restricted view in that there was this ‘scaffolding’ or rigging or whatever for the acrobatic and aerial stuff to our side, but we could nonetheless see everything and it was not a problem at all. Needless to say the Royal Albert Hall is impressive.

The show strated and it was really good. What I could not understand is that there was supposed to be a story behind the show, but I really did not get it. I knew there was a lost girl somewhere (had read it on the website before :D) but the story line was really not so comprehensible. Nevertheless, it was a GREAT show and we really enjoyed ourselves.

The show was over 😦 😦 😦 and off we went to McD, to have a burger (Ann & mum) and a milkshake (Ste & Me) and also pass some time. At about midight we left to go to the residence and asked the security whether Ste and us can wait in the waiting room for a few hours till time come for him to catch the bus to the airport. he says no, and so me and Ann went to get his luggage from Anns room and went down, when the security says well if you want you can go to this room (somewhere out of  the way hih) and wait. OK we said, but after a few mins we were tired and Ste slept so we decided that ste can leave(at 1am rather than 3am) and wait/sleep at the airport, so off we went to the bus station with him, and saw him off…another ption was to go with him to the airport, but it was not so well received (especially by me), so we went back to the residence and slept till the morning.

We however first checked the results of the Eurovision…saw that Chiara won…hmmm third time now…we’ll see how it goes. We still have to see the show (well I wnt see it all, just watch Dorothy & Vittorio’s song, and the 3 superfinalists)…but You tube and Di-ve still don’t have it hihi





  1. how selfish you are, poor ste!
    and I didn’t think ann’s residence was that extreme!
    enjoy the rest of your stay…

  2. sounds like you enjoyed Quidam. I saw Quidam in Berlin last August. it was my 3rd Cirque de Soleil show and so I had some idea of what to expect. I didn’t get the story line either but that’s not as important as the acrobatics and the beautiful costumes. I always wonder where all the acrobats come from. Apparently they are from over 30 countries around the world.

    I hope you enjoy the Eurovision show, and the rest of your holiday in London.

  3. Hey thanks Grace…its true…not getting the storyline is not a problem it was great…no Eurovision show till now hihi…the holiday is going well :D…today we went shopping in this big new shopping mall…I bought 1 measly top

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