Posted by: annmucc | February 9, 2009

Guest Bloggin by Cec: More more

As hinted at yesterday today was another day of shopping (at least the first part). This morning saw us three off to Oxford Street to continue shopping…I must  say shopping on Oxford street is much more pleasant :D…Today was certainly a case of Maltese people everywhere :D…most of the shops we entered we heard people talking in Maltese and we were quite surprised until…ahhhh…tomorrow is a public holiday in Malta so people took an extra long weekend and came over to London…we saw quite a number of BSc students from Malta which we used to teach…quite a surprise to see them here…it seems that the science student society (S cubed) organised the trip and they went to the science museum, some universities etc…quite a good thing I think.

Well back to shopping today was MUCH more successful…I bought countless tops…I need a new wardrobe for summer clothes for work etc…cos my previous summer clothes are NOT suitable for work…I used to wear the clothes of an EXTREMELY casual student…hmmm my current job doesn’t really allow for that…I have been told that it is preferable that I do not wear jeans or trainers…so well that pretty much excludes the everyday clothes I wore to Uni…I bought some new clothes for winter…and now I also have some summer clothes :D…although this doesn’t preclude me from going shopping again aaaaaaaaaa…I am a hopeless shopper…I get bored quickly (in fact Ann and I only ever manage to finhd clothes from the first shops we visit, and then no more)…I pitied mum…cos she is not an express shopper as we are and we are always calling her to stop looking and move on…Mikkina.

After a few shops Ann left to got to UCL cos she had a meeting with her supervisor. Mum & I stayed on to see some more shops, then went to UCL to meet with Ann…but she was not ready yet hmmm…so mum & I went to the residence to put away the clothes we had bought, ate, checked in online to our flight on Wed (so Ann could print our boarding passes), and then sent them to Ann at UCL, and when she was ready we left…Ann from UCL and mum & I from the residence…we caught the bus to Aldwych were we met Ann…then off we went to the Museum of London.

I can honestly sya that the museum of London is the best one so far. There are a lot of interactive things to see and touch etc etc. Whilst there we also heard an announcemnt saying there will be a gided tour to the London’s burning exhibit in about 15mins…we decided to go and see what this is all about. I can say I was pleasantly surprise. The guide, Kim, was a very enthusiastic guide who made the topic soo interesting. When I had heard at first that the tour was of around 45 mins I was sure I would get bored (my attention span is non existent), but I was kept interested all along. I was really disappointed when it finished…it was too short…in fact we asked about tomorrow’s tours and if we have time we will surely go again. After the tour, we kept going around the museum…but got sidetracked talking to one of the people working at the Museum. She was another young girl (at around 19…I so envy ehr gettng a job that is so great), who is studying history and wants to become a histpry teacher…we started talking about the useum etc…when suddenly there was an announcement the museum is closing in 15 mins :(:(…well off we went, but if not tomorrow the next time I am in London they will certainly see me back (poor ppor them hihi).

Off home we went then. We caught around 3 buses I think and arrived home in the pouring rain…well we are in London after all. We cooked some pizza (mmmmmm), watched Masterchef on the laptop BBC iPlayer, and now I am blogging. soon off to bed, read a bit and Sleep 😀 yeah, cos I need to wake up at 7am tomorrow…but mroe about that tomorrow 😀

take care

Good night




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