Posted by: annmucc | February 10, 2009

Guest Bloggin by Cec: Tower of London etc

Hmmm…the day before last…what to do what to do…

Well, today we went to the Tower of London. We wanted to be there at 9am, when it opens to see the sort of opening ceremony. Ann checked online to see what buses to take and when we shuld leave home…the transport for London site said we need 1hour 45mins….however we saw it as being too long, and so we decided to leave home at 7:30am rather than 7:15. In fact we were right in leaving later…cos we left at 7:30 and arrived near the Tower of London at 8:15…hmmm…now I can understand Ann when she says that wehever she wants to arrive on time she gets to arrive early. Arriving so early meant that we had 45mins of frezzing time hmmm…we had a hot chocolate and waited. 9am arrived and in we went…the first people to enter the tower today YIPPIE…

I can say that the entrance fee (quite exorbitant hmmm) was quite worth it (although it could have been free hihi or at least a bit cheaper cos it is quite expensive. We went straight to see the Crown Jewels, cos we were told that a queue builds up, so by being one of the first people there could see them quietly and no queues YEAH…it was quite interesting…and we got some time to chat with one of the guys next to the crowns, who gave us quite a lot of history and interesting points…

Then off we went for the warder (yeoman) tour. Unfortunately it was raining (drizzling actually), so we had a short tour, most of which was in a chapel where we heard the hsitory of the chapel…hmmm I was quite disappointed as wnated to go on the full tour as it seemed interesting…but the guy we were with nonetheless made it quite interesting…

A side note on the warders…I have now started looking for a single warder who is looking for a mate…so if you know anyone please inform me :D…why do you ask?…well the warders get to live in the Tower of London…the place is sooo beautiful, and the houses so cute, I would really love to live there. (the Tower of London is not just a tower, but more like a small village within fortifications). So if you know of anyone PLEASE tell me :D…On a bad note, these guys are all quite old for me…cos in order to become a warder you need to have spent at least 22 years of service in the army…therefore if they entered the army at 18, they must be at least 40…hmmm…perhaps someone would like to adopt me??…or perhaps have me live with them on a sort of exchange for a few months…that would be great :D…and probably my boyfriend would like that much better πŸ˜›

Then off we went to see the White tOWER, which is the original tower. We tried to go on a tour of the White Tower but NO…we had just missed it…hmmm…so out we went again, went round a bit, and by then the sun had started to shine YEAH…off we went and joined up the next Warder tour, which this time round was the full tour YIPPIE…I find it so much better going on these sort of tours, cos when you go round alone you do not understand a thing hihi (I have limited patience you see).

After the tour, we went round a bit more, and tried to go to the White tower tour AGAIN, but apparently the times on the program were wrong hmmm…so off we went to see the Medieval Tower area…that was great fun…inside we met these people in costume and started talking to them…we asked questions etc etc…What amazed me was that these guys managed to stay in character the whole time, even when we asking irrelevant questions, and that really helped to get a better understanding of life back then πŸ˜€

We then went down to the Dungeons to see a bit more about torture hihi. Then it was time to go see the white tower tour…cos we finally got the right time YIPPIE…unfortunately it was a shortened tour cos parts are closed cos they will be opening a new exhibit in April, and so they are currently preparing for it…:(

after that tour…off we went…it had by now become 2pm i.e. we spent 5hrs in the Tower…hihi

At this point, Ann and mum left to go back to the residence. They were going to the Museum of London again, but they wanted to go home and relax a bit :D…I left them to go to the British library, where some books which they did not have available and had to get for me from another library had arrived. So off I went to continue some research for my masters thesis…going to these libraries I am getting really jealous of people in London…they have all these books, journals etc available to them, whilst in Malta nearly nothing is available, and to get one measly paper you need to pay (or else bug the author to send it to you)…here you can simply get them…

After I finished, I left to go home, met with ann and mum and ate (just a bit hihi…from the residence we just take Ann’s allowance…i.e. what Ann generally eats herself in 1 day, we are now eating between 3 hihi…do not worry we then eat something else, either a piece of bread or something). After dinner, we went round the shops nearby and bought some other stuff…and back home we came, packed, watched masterchef, and now here I am writing my blog…one of the last I must sya cos tomorrow afternoon back home we go 😦

Well good night





  1. I’ve always wanted to see the Tower of London and after reading your post, I really have to do it soon! πŸ˜‰

    Have a good flight back to Malta Cec!

  2. @ Grace: It was really great to see! You should when you visit London…you’re still coming right? And don’t forget we should meet up as well πŸ˜‰

  3. Cec that was hilarious, I think if I am still single by the time i’m in my late 30s I will find a warder and live in the tower and then you can visit me !
    Yey! πŸ˜›

  4. @Grace…yes it is really nice

    @Mina…YEAH good idea…something to look forward to πŸ˜›

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