Posted by: annmucc | February 11, 2009

Guest Blogging by Cec: Soon over

This will be my last blog from London…Yippie you must all be saying…we will soon be getting rid of her…I know you all annuca blog readers…you are EVIL :P:P:P

This morning we walked to Portobello Market (quite horrible I must say…just a few stalls…but we were expecting it…cos today it is just a farmers market…with some fruit and veg :S…well it was a nice walk, and since today the sun is shining, we enjoyed the 1hour or so walk. Then we came back to Kensington, where we went to see this omlette maker mum and Ann saw yesterday when I was at the British library, and decided to buy it 😀 Then came back home for some breakfast, went to H&M to try a pair of trousers I had seen, but they didn’t fit well, and then to the library to get some books for Ann. Now here we are, and 15mins off we go to get the bus and go to the airport :(:(…tomorrow back to work…at least I like my job quite a bit…so not such a prob, but I prefer to stay on holiday 😀

Well good day





  1. yey I had missed ann’s blogs!

  2. @ Mina: I so love you Mina 😉
    I should put in a poll to see how many people prefer my to Cec’s blogs 😛

  3. evil Mina Evil Mina

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