Posted by: annmucc | February 13, 2009

Museum of London

The day after mum and sis left London, I was of course not that into working too much O:). But I thought that, after a week of not doing much work, I HAD to do something at least slightly related. I knew that there was going to be a Conservation in Action Drop-in session at the Museum of London, so I said: sure, I’ll go to that – at least it is in a way related (if you broaden out my studies a bit :P), but I will surely learn something. So off I went.

I arrived at the Museum slightly early (as usual ;)), so took some time to check out the Homeless in the Capital Foyer Exhibition, which last time I had started to see, was interested in, but had to make my way to the rest of the museum as well. Half-way through my time seeing this foyer exhibit, a girl came up to me to fill in a questionnaire about the exhibit…sure! (I had already been given another survey that day on the bus about the bus service!)…I finish the questionnaire, finish going through the exhibit…and…



Grrr…All of us had to evacuate the building of course, so off we toddled to the entrance. I was a bit surprised about the way the fire alarm worked since, although the employees knew what to do, and went to the meeting point immediately, it looked like most of us visitors were quite lost! We just went just outside the entrance, and stood there, not knowing what to do, and no-one really telling us waht to do. Then at one point a lady came, said something on a loudspeaker (which no one understood!), and we tried to follow her to what we hoped was the evacuation meeting point. At least no one got hurt :P. We waited in the cold for some 10minutes…during this time I got to talking to two employees next to me, who work in human resources they said 😉 hehe – but they said they always have a lot of applicants for every single post, so it seems like I don’t have much of a possibility. Oh well…I’ll try if a post ever comes up!

Back to the foyer…it was now 5 minutes past 3, so I wasn’t sure if the drop-in session would proceed and when…I hoped it would, seeing as I went to the museum for that! While waiting I met 3 ladies who were also waiting for this session. They are currently studying conservation and restoration at the London Metropolitan University, so like me (or more than me actually :P) had an invested interest in the session (two of them will be conserving a sedan chair, which was also the object discussed in this session). I found them quite interesting ladies, and enjoyed having a chat with them (and this reminds me I have to e-mail some information to one of them!).

After some time, we were told the session would start at 3:30…sure! One of the ladies wanted to show us something they found at the end of her street which was in the museum, so we went off to that, before making our way to the foyer again where the session was to be held.

The conservator for the session was Hannah Power, and she talked us through her work on a sedan chair she is currently working on. This sedan chair should be going into the exhibit when the new galleries open up in 2010. She first went round the sedan chair explaining what the problems with the chair were, followed by another turn around the chair to discuss what she will be doing to the object. In the meantime we were at all times encouraged to ask questions, and believe me we did! She should have gotten some work done on the chair for us to see, but we barely gave her any time. She was very welcoming and friendly, making it easy for us to ask and learn. Really enjoyed it, and made me love this museum even more. However, the time was soon up (time flies when you’re interested in something) so off we went.

Sedan Chair being conserved by Hannah Powers

Sedan Chair being conserved by Hannah Power

On the way home, I got a heritage routemaster bus 😀 one of the old ones (they only work on two routes now, and one of them is route 9, which passes through Kensington) so I had a happy time going along on this old bus, with the back entrance, and the conductor!

Heritage Routemaster Bus

Heritage Routemaster Bus


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