Posted by: annmucc | February 13, 2009

Watching a Film?

THAT should have been the plan…The outcome? Sliiiightly different 😉

Let me start the story from the beginning however…

Last night I was watching ‘How Reading Made Us Modern‘ on the BBC Iplayer (That deserves a post all of its own sometime soon) …see the description here from the BBC Website

English literature professor John Mullan explores the dramatic increase in reading which took place in 18th-century Britain, as it went from being the preserve of the rich to the national pastime it is today.

In 1695 a tiny amendment to the British constitution allowed for a flood of publications, without which Britain would be almost unrecognisable. This was the era that gave us the first ever magazines, newspapers and perhaps most vitally, the novel.

Mullan takes us from raucous, politically-charged coffee houses to the circulating library, the social space of the late 1700s. There is a glimpse inside an 18th century lady’s closet where she hid with her novel, and Mullan also celebrates the hero of the reading revolution, Dr Samuel Johnson.


All of a sudden I hear a knock on my door…hmmm! What happened? It was my next door neighbour…Can you please put the volume down a bit…I am trying to sleep she said…O:) Sure!…Then she continued…Interested in going to watch a movie tomorrow night? And we can ask others as well…phewww! she doesn’t hate me, cos she seemed nice so far! Sure I said! And facebooked a couple of others in the residence.

Unfortunately, it was just me and my next-door mate, Yogeeta, who were up for the movie. She wanted to see He’s Just Not That into You, and since I’m no movie buff, I agreed (if anything the cast seemed good!). We thus set out together from the residence to the cinema in Shepherd’s Bush (being new to London I don’t know anything about cinemas either!). First I think we went out a bit late, and then the bus took ages to come! 5 minutes before the film should have started, we were still waiting at the bus stop! Oh well…then the bus came…stopping haphazardly I must say…we got on the bus and realised WHY…it was a slightly crazy driver 😛 driving like a crazy man 😉 Oh well…We got to Shpeherd’s Bush around 10 minutes after the film should had started…there are trailers, so let’s try to make it we said…we get to the cinema…and

and …


after waiting in the queue we found out that there were no tickets left 😦 We checked for other shows, and nothing came up for today evening :(. Oh well…we came all this way…Yogeeta said she had never been to Westfield’s (even though she is a Londoner!) so in we went…She is studying to be a civil engineer, but is very interested in design etc., so I must sya she was quite impressed by the design of the place. It was good to hear her speak about it, since for me as long as a place doesn’t move and doesn’t leak, I am happy ;). Well, we went around for a bit, and then got the bus back.

A total disaster you are probably saying…Not at all I would say. I got to know another girl on my floor (she moved into the residence last week, though she was at the residence the previous 2 years), and I must say I really enjoyed her company. I hope this will be the first of a number of other outings together! Thanks Yogeeta for the invite!



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