Posted by: annmucc | February 14, 2009

Concerts, Concerts, Concerts!

I haven’t been to tooo many concerts in my life, mainly because Malta was never a big star-pulling place (though lately things seem to be changing a bit to the better). I think I can count the concerts i went to in Malta on one hand (actually one finger :P) i.e. The Isle of MTV concert last year! I probably went to some other small gigs, but cannot really remember them, or it was someone I knew who was playing, so I don’t really see it as a concert concert 🙂

Well, hopefully, being in London will change all this. So far I have been to the Teitur concert – not much you will probably say. However, hopefully things will look better! Tonight I got to know that a Maltese singer, Carrie, will be singing in Hammersmith (close to where I live), so I hope to go (unless I don’t get worse than I already am…my throat is burning :(). 

And more? I got an e-mail from MCA this morning (before he had to make his way out of the house for a trip to Germany, but will let him tell you about that if he wants :P)…It seems that yesterday he received an e-mail about a concert by Tina Dico in London next October (yes WOW! for October! – I don’t even know what I will be doing in th enext months, but it seems like you have to think early for these things :))…anyways, because he is on her mailing list or something, he got an advance possibility for buying tickets for the show! And…..he bought two tickets, which he will be having posted to his parents house. 

Tina Dico is another Danish artist Michael introduced me when I met him in Prague. Before I left for Malta he had given me a number of music cds for me to listen, and I was impressed! I liked all of them…was not sure how he managed to do that, since I have a quite haphazard liking of music I think, but he did :). And now I have tickets to go and see her play! (hmm…maybe the reason Michael bought the tickets for October is so that I will have to stay with him just to see the concert :P:P I will have to ask him about that one :P:P hehe).

Hope I make it to tonight’s concert (I may just go even if I am sick, even if it is not the brightest idea :P), and of course I don’t expect to miss Tina Dico’s concert (and not because I HAVE to stay with MCA just for it :P)

Happy Valentine’s Day!



  1. Good thinking MIchael…its just the same as Ann does when you coem to Malta…there is always something she will show you Next time 😛 LOOOOOL

    Happy Valentine’s day 😀

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