Posted by: annmucc | February 15, 2009

Television, Cooking, Reading and Iran: YES they are Related :)

You are probably thinking: what do all these things have to do with one another? Right now in my world? A lot! A few posts back I had said that I should write a post about the BBC Iplayer soon, and this is what I hope to do now. Let me try to start from the beginning though.

The BBC Iplayer is the BBC website through which one can watch a number of programmes shown on the BBC either live or for a number of days after they are shown on TV. I had vaguely known about it in the back of beyond of my mind, having come across it some time or other, but never really saw anything on it. But now things have changed 🙂

The first thing I had watched on the BBC Iplayer was the Eurovision song contest final (to check out that I did not appear anywhere on screen, and I think I can quite confidently say I didn’t ;)). From there I started getting interested in watching other programmes.

First up was Masterchef. I had previously watched the show on BBC prime when I was in Malta. When I was using Youtube to try and find TV programmes there, I often searched for it but could never find any episodes. However, I found the series on the BBC Iplayer (or the last weeks episodes at least). So now, every Monday to Wednesday at 8:30pm and Thursday at 8pm you can be quite sure that I am watching Masterchef if I have anything to do with it ;).

However this weekend, after my family had left London and I had some time for myself, I decided to venture into watching other programmes, in preference to continuing to watch the Friends series which I had gotten from my friend before leaving Malta (I am still in season 4 from around 9 I have ;)). The first thing I watched were programmes on BBC 4 on reading: 

How Reading Made Us Modern

The Lost Libraries of Timbuktu

Why Reading Matters

Followed by a documentary on: Make Me…Smart

Now today I came across a documentary series on Iran and the West. Coming out of reading the ‘Countdown to Valkyrie‘ book made it all the more interesting to learn how politics have developed and how there are so many things which most of us don’t realise behind most of the decisions, with influences for decisions sometimes also being based on previous decisions by countries decades earlier. I don’t at any point consider myself to know anything about these conflicts, not even now, but I am glad to have stumbled across these resources and am trying to educate myself more in the events that went on in the near (and maybe not so near as well) past that are influencing the world today. This Iran and the West series is a 3-part series, with the last episode being aired next Saturday…so have to wait a week to see it :-/. In the meantime I also watched the documentary Iran and Britain

What to watch next? Who knows…will have to delve into the depths of the archives available and see what catches my fancy. Any suggestions?

BDW…Apologies to my non-UK readers (probably most of you ;)) – but I have been told that from outside the UK you cannot use the BBC Iplayer…



  1. Thats a pity, but if you tell us what is said in those programs we wouldn’t have to 😛

    🙂 🙂

  2. […] was Gregg Wallace from the Masterchef programmes! Remember when I was watching them? Since I have been in London it was the only series I watched every single day (besides Masterchef […]

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