Posted by: annmucc | February 16, 2009

A Post?

Wanted to post, but not feeling too up to it, so here goes a conversation I had with Michael about what I wanted to post:

me grrr
want to post but don’t feel like writing it up
will stay without post probably
 Michael thats ok )
i go posting most days
i go without posting most days
 me hihi
I wnated to post about today
and know what I want to say
but don’t have the neegry to write it out O:)
 Michael aww
what do you want to write about?
 me that I had a day which strat not toooo good
then went to a good day and left from uni feeling very upbeat and quite happy with my work
and why I was more upbeat
and that now I feel sick )
 Michael ok you can just copy/paste the conversation here

Got a new research assistant now in the centre, so the group is growing, and the other PhD student also came to visit, so could do a conversation with him about the work, (as well as ‘play with the new toys’ we have :P)


  1. interessante

  2. I understand how it feels to have writer’s block. 🙂

  3. @ Mina: maybe I should do all my posts like this then 😛

    @ Grace: writer’s block…or laziness? 😛 at least in my case 😉

  4. I am sure its Laziness :P:P

  5. @ Cec: pfff 😛

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