Posted by: annmucc | February 20, 2009

My New Purchase

I’ve finally did it! Have been putting it on and off since I arrived in London. But finally…I made it! I bought a bike!


I had been dead keen on getting a bike before I came to London, both as a way of getting around, as well as getting some decent exercise every day. However, when I came here, I started getting scared seeing how the bikes rode on the roads. Also, I was always worried about the expense, if I will use it etc. etc. So I never got round to doing it. However, I had registered to receive daily e-mail updates for bikes from gumtree. I have been going through the e-mail every day since, but never saw something at a decent price, in decent shape, and of a good size for me! (Being short, and not very comfortable on a bike, I wanted something small to be easy to handle, and for my legs to be able to reach the ground 😛 though I know that is not really how it should be :)). 

Well…this morning I saw a bike I liked and e-mailed it to Michael (who I am sure is happy for me to have bought a bike to limit the number of e-mails he receives about bikes I ask about but never really check out). When I got to uni he then said it looks OK…Now, normally this is where I get stuck…cos I generally e-mail the person, but by the evening or when they reply, my enthusiasm/laziness would have faded. However, today the guy only provided his phone numbers. Wonder of wonders, the office was empty (I HATE phones, AND especially hate using them in other people’s hearing). I phoned…he said no one has gone to see it yet, and I could go…well…when? he asked? I said in 1.5 hrs!

I was on my way now to get my bike. I checked out how to get to the guy’s house with a bus, and printed a map for the bike ride back home. I was off…

The bus ride? as always early 🙂 (30minutes!). I knocked anyways…guy was a bit surprised, but anyways, he let me try it. I liked the feel of the bike, and it looked OK…so I bought it 🙂

Ride back home…hmm…a bit harder I guess…I had a map printed, but only the main roads were named…I tried to ask people to confirm my place at certain points, but I think most people I asked couldn’t really read a map, so didn’t really get anywhere. However I arrived safe and sound (walking/riding my bike half and half 🙂 still a bit scared! – I should be going on some (free ;)) council cycle trianing sometime soon I hope, and that will hopefully increase my confidence). I went to buy a bike lock on the way, and now the bike is happily locked downstairs while I sit in my room here.

My pockets are a bit lighter, but I am quite a happy girl…I just need to ride it now 🙂 – help kick my ass to do it now 🙂

This has however meant I haven’t gotten much work done today…will have to work tomorrow then I guess 🙂 That’s OK!


My bike :)

My bike 🙂



  1. Congrats with your new wheels, sweetie 😀 Drive safe and Im looking forward to exploring London with you on a bike 😉

  2. @ Michael: Hopefully the bike survives till you are in London 😉

  3. coooool

  4. @ Lulu: Glad you approve 😉

  5. YEAH

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