Posted by: annmucc | February 21, 2009

The Pregnancy Secret

Disclaimer: Let me start by clearing any thoughts that probably are running through your heads…NO! and I repeat NO! I am NOT pregnant!Β 

On to the post now…The Pregnancy Secret is the name of the BOOK I have just finished reading. So far I have refrained about blogging about the romance novels (Mills & Boon anyone?) I read, to maintain my aura of an intellectual person (yeah right πŸ˜› you’re saying…WHAT aura? :P)…I generally get one or two of these books every time I go to the library for two reasons.

  1. they are good carbohydrate-type reading
  2. if I am tired, I can sleep through a couple of pages, and still pick up the story when I wake up again a few pages (Chapters?) later πŸ˜‰ – not much brain power needed πŸ˜‰

So why am I blogging about this book? Well…the main reason is that I think this is one of the most awful, unimaginative book EVER! The plot line is a bit bland to say the least…and further more…there are a number of inconsistincies in the story…you are reading…then something is mentioned out of the blue…then maybe you understand later…not the best written book in my opinion (to be a bit positive here :P). Just wanted to put out a warning about it…not that any of you would EVER think of reading these kinds of books πŸ˜‰ (I just did it for research purposes you know :P)



  1. *cough* *cough* *blush*

    I’ve actually read a similar kind of book, only it wasn’t mills & boon, just the summer romance type of silly novel. But it wasn’t bad, and I did read it to stop thinking. It served its purpose.

    but thanks for the warning. πŸ™‚

  2. As soon as I saw you updated and I read the title of the post I knew it was another book you were talking about!!!!!!!!

  3. Haha…I always get some Mills and Boon or something of the sort when I go to the library (they are especially great in the middle of exams when you don’t wnat to read anything too taxing :D)…Haha I can imagine the book…from its title I can almost imagine the plot πŸ˜€ and I’m pretty sure its quite correct

  4. @ Lulu: Generally they are decent…but in this case, the writing wasn’t of the best quality, with a lot of inconsistencies I must say

    @ Mina: Hehe – at least someone seems to know me well πŸ˜›

    @ Cec: Probably form the title you cannot imagine the book – believe me! It was worse! πŸ˜› The big secret was that her father made her have an abortion and not cos she wanted…but her boyfriend of the time had assumed she wanted it…that’s the whole plot

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