Posted by: annmucc | February 22, 2009

Australian/Czech/Scot/Canadian/Maltese…out with some Thai?

Grace, of Gleefully, was visiting London for a course. I had first met her at Jamie and Beckie‘s farewell party back in September when I was in Prague (all 3 being friends of Michael). Grace has now been following my blog for a while (and me hers ;)), so as she was visiting London, it was organised that we should meet up (right? :P). So yesterday night saw Grace, a friends of hers (both Australians), Jamie and Beckie (Scots), a guy Grace used to work with in Prague who is now studying in London (Czech) and me, meeting up at Taste of Siam, a Thai restaurant in Camden!

Grace had been looking forward to some good, hot, spicy food, but I am generally more wary of this kind of food (more from not really knowing it rather than from having had any bad experiences with it!). I order some coconut soup as a starter (No idea of the name…I think the initials of the 3 words were TTK or TKK?) and some chicken sweet and sour as the main course with some steamed rice. Glad I opted for those (with the suggestions of the others ;))…I really liked the food…I think maybe I should start moving away from my mind-set of being wary of spicy/oriental food, to one where I would be up for tasting it (though sweet and sour is not a spicy dish of course :P). 

From the restaurant we then moved on to a pub. The others had a mixture of beer, cider, and some had a banana bread beer! Never heard of it, but maybe sometime I will. I of course opted for a shandy…due to my distaste of the bitter taste of beer (yeps…I seem to be mentioning a lot of distastes today! I am not that picky when it comes to food…honest!)…with a shandy however I am generally very happy…at least I can drink it rather than not managing to take more than a few sips of beer ;). at the pub, two Canadians joined us, one of whom lives in Prague, from where Grace knows him (that’s where the Canadians from the title entered into the story ;)). The conversation flowed quite well as we got to know each other, people who knew each other caught up, and in general had a good time.

Soon however it was time for the Czech and the Canadians to start making their way home, since they were using the tube. We said goodbye to them and then went on to the Golden Lion pub, the Irish pub where Michael and I had gone last time to hear Jamie play (you can visit his band’s myspac page here). Jamie was not playing tonight, but of course he managed to get a fiddle off another player and play a bit for us with the band there :D. I must say he’s good…he’s VERYgood…and not just him, but also the others playing with him.  I always say I should go and see him play some other time, but as you probably realised, in London I am starting to get quite lazy with going out (not that I ever was not :P), and especially weekends I am starting to really appreciate!

Soon it was time to be off however…so off I went to catch the bus home, happy to have met Grace, and content with an evening/night well spent 😀



  1. thanks for coming out on saturday night Ann. I became ambitious after a while and decided to get everyone who wanted to meet up to come on saturday night. I’m so glad it all worked out and people enjoyed themselves.

    I thought that banana bread beer was foul actually but don’t tell anyone that.

    I am a shandy fan too. some people say it’s cheating but I don’t care.

    I was glad to finally hear Jamie play the fiddle. he is exceptionally good. Hopefully I’ll get to see him perform with the Long Notes in Germany next month.

    Looking forward to see you in Prague in May!

  2. @ Grace: Thanks for inviting me ;)…nothing wrong with being a bit ambitious is there? And it all worked out, so good call from your side 🙂
    Hehe – I think ALL beer tastes foul, but anyways 😛 I won’t say anything about the banana beer O:) I don’t care if people say it’s cheating with shandy…like that I can drink something I like and go along with the others in some way, rather than trying to drink beer which I will never manage in quantities!
    GL with seeing Jamie play…I need to kick myself up my ass and make myself do stuff…I find getting out in London quite stressful with getting there and back (though I always enjoy it when I’m out!)
    Hope your mock exam went well, and GL for the real one in March…and see you in May of course! Maybe for a game of Carcassone as well?

  3. […] to do just that…go up north to the Muswell Hill area. Reason? Beckie and Jamie (mentioned here and here and here) had organised a bbq in their garden for Beckie’s 30th birthday. I was a bit […]

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