Posted by: annmucc | February 23, 2009

Biking to Uni

My first time biking to uni I hope…My ass still hurts a bit form last Friday, but anyways, wish me luck! Will tell you how it went tonight 🙂



  1. how long does it take?

  2. @ Mina: Hmm…it took me less than an hour…considering that this is the first time, so did not really know the way AND I walked good chunks of it (since I am still a bit unsure, so better to walk right?), that’s good! I arrived today at the same time approximately I would have arrived if I had taken the bus…so not bad for the first time…it will definitely get faster!

  3. Very brave! I wasnt that brave when I lived in London but here in Nottingham bikes are very useful! xx

  4. YEAH!!!

    Shes on d bike (now u have more money right…u can go shopping hihi…or not buy the cheapest of the cheap from Tesco 😛

  5. @ Filipa: hehe…so far I am half walking/half riding it…not very brave to weave through traffic, but at least a good chunk of my ride is through Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park, which makes it easier

    @ Cec: whatever money I have, I will never have enough 😛

  6. Congrats 😉 Just take care you dont get locked in the parks, they close at sundown… i had to climb over the (rather high) fence in kensington gardens before i realised!
    Besides that i guess we could start cycling together too, not just walking =)

  7. @ Ruthie: hehe – I will try to remember that…and YEPS – we can start going cycling…ghalkemm bil-mod ghalija ghalissa 😛

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