Posted by: annmucc | February 26, 2009

MultiEncode…A Symposium/Demonstration

After a busy day yesterday, today was another full day. All that was technically necessary today was to sit and listen…but going to these meetings often requires more than that…understanding the concepts, observing, meeting people, and discussing with people all come part and parcel with attending these meetings.

OK – so I went, I saw, I met…but WHERE did I go, and mroe importantly, WHY did I go?

Where is easily answered…destination was Tate Modern. Why…for a symposium on MultiEncode, or, more accuratelya symposium and demonstration on the project ‘Multifunctional Encoding System for Assessment of Movable Cultural Heritage. In terms which people can understand? This was a project which tried to develop a system which can then be used to determine how much an object has changed over time e.g. after it has bene on exhibition, or loaned to another museum (etc. etc.) It can also determine if the object is the same one which was sent out, or if it has been changed as well.

Cool concept! The firts part of the day involved presentations by the people involved as to the background to the project and the technical details. I’m glad to say that for once I could follow the discussion and understand what was being said, and follow the concepts at least enough to (hopefully) understand what the system is capable of. It was very enlightening to see other people’s work and what has been accomplished.

As I always say in these kinds of things, another thing which I enjoy is meeting people in the field. I have been hearing about most of these people for some time now, but haven’t met most of them. I am slowly starting to put faces to the names, and that feels good (I hope I remember them for next time though :P). I was also impressed at how friendly msot of the people were!

Ahh – and how could I have forgotten? The afternoon session was then a demonstrationg of the system! It was good to see the system in use, though it didn’t seem to work very well 😛 possibly as many people were in the room, and vibrations do not do the system too good 🙂

Glad my supervisor registered me for it!


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