Posted by: annmucc | March 4, 2009

Research Meetings

Over the past few weeks, the research group is growing and will keep on growing! A new research assistant to be working on sensors has arrived, while two others, one on building simulation and another on chemometrics/chemistry/etc. will be joining the centre in the coming weeks…so the group is definitely growing! 

Since I arrived at the centre, my supervisor has told me that once the group grows a bit more, research meetings will start where we can discuss our work within the centre…they have now arrived!

The first research meeting was yesterday…the people making up the centre met up in a meeting room in the centre for the first time :). We all had prepared a short presentation (no PowerPoint ;)) about our work, and the aim was to explain to the others what we are doing, to open a way for discussion about the ongoing work, as well as opening up avenues of help with others and collaboration with the other people in the centre. 

It was good to get to know better the other people’s work and to be able to discuss my own with others…was a bit unsure about how I will answer any questions put to me, but I hope I did a good job. I am starting getting to grips with my project and really feeling that it is my own…hope to start the preliminary studies soon so that then i really have something to show and to guide me in the rest of the project!

On another note, today I finished the pollution monitoring at the TNA…woohooo! After a long wait, I finally managed to get to the monitors (there was a locked door which we needed opening for us since we don’t have access to the area normally)…from there, it was back down to the repositories to get some more data about micro-environments, followed by packing of the equipment, and back to UCL with it…I got a dumb taxi-driver this time I must say! He looked a bit lost, and kept on fudging the way, especially with one-way streets. Oh well, I managed to get back to UCL whole, and with the help of other people I roped in on the way O:) I got the monitors down to the lab, where tomorrow I hope to download the data, hopefully getting some good results!


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