Posted by: annmucc | March 8, 2009


Yeps…that’s what I heard last night at 4:30am….DRRRRRRRNNNN

What was it? FIRE-ALARM!


I have never been in the residence before for a fire-drill (luckily!), but this time I didn’t guess it was a drill at that time! It just meant I had to up from my bed and be off…wore my coat, a scarf, and some flip-flops…looked out of my door…I see another girl going down…so off we went together, down the stairs, meeting other people as we were going down.

Now…where do we wait? We went to the fire assembly point…and waited

…and waited

…and waited


no-one came…except a few more students



when is this thing going to be sorted?


Alas! The student deputies came along…grrr…it seemed that the alarm tripped in the building next to us… Technical fault! The fire-men though came to check it out 🙂

30mins in the cold, and back to bed we went then…however that meant it ruined my nights sleep, and caused me to sleep in this morning rather than wake up bright and early to do something productive.

Oh well

As long as it doesn’t happen again 🙂

Hopefully hell wont be my destination then...

Hopefully hell won't be my destination then...



  1. poor darling 🙂 love the comic but 😀 xxx

  2. @ Marilyn: Thanks for the sympathy O:)

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