Posted by: annmucc | March 8, 2009

Guest Blogger 2: A short trip to Prague!

A friend of mine was visiting Prague, and I decided that she and Michael should meet…as payment for my ‘services’ I extracted this blog post
Hello All,

If you’re wondering who I am and what I’m doing writing on Ann’s Blog let me give you a quick intro to explain the situation.  So my name is Dorothy Gauci and I’m an old school friend of Ann’s.  We’ve known each other since we were 12.  Anyways I had to go to Prague last week to attend a workshop/conference for work and Ann was kind enough to set up a meeting with Michael so that I’d have someone to show me around the place during my short visit.  And this brings me back to the reason I’m here writing about it!  Ann asked me to uncover the deep dark secrets about my trip :p

So left Malta at a reasonable hour.  Had time to sleep-in that morning and pack before leaving at around 13.30.  Landed ok and waited for flight number two to Prague. Thankfully only a short wait and a short flight.  I love to travel but it’s the travelling part I hate!  Airport waiting areas and long hours staring at walls tend to make me cringe nowadays.  Landed in Prague…dark…wondering how to get to my hotel. Michael and Ann had supplied me with simple directions but still I do get slightly apprehensive being on my own in a country I’ve never been to!  Caught the airport bus…stopped at the last stop…caught the tram…and great it stops right in front of my hotel! Easier then I thought! 😀 Public transport in Prague it seems is very efficient and absurdly cheap too!  Great way to get around.  Checked into the hotel, ah 4 star accomodations are bliss.  Rarely get to use them but the conference was in the same hotel so booked a room there to make it easier.  I’m so not used to 4 star accomodations that when I got into my room and heard music when I opened the door I thought I’d walked into someone elses room without actually realising it was the T.V. playing something while a welcome message was posted on the screen 😀 Nice room, can’t complain!

No time to waste.  Had to head back on the tram and stop at the metro station to meet Michael at the Mustek stop next to the map on the platform.  I messaged him right before leaving the hotel so that we’d arrive at the same time but he got there before me and re-assured me he was waiting at the map right on the platform.  So stopped at Mustek and there he was!  Handshakes and introductions of course and off we went!  Prague by night is beautiful (can’t say much about it by day as I didn’t get to see much of it at that time!).  Michael took me around the old square were we stopped to have some mulled wine then we walked on through loads of winding roads until we made it to the bridge over the river.  The views are breathtaking and Michael was kind enough to give me little bits of info along the way!  Walked some more, and some more talked about a million and one things like how I knew Ann, what the weird black baby statues were supposed to signify and how a Dane ended up living in Prague after all! Took a break from walking but not talking 😀 and stopped at a place for coffee (though I wanted hot chocolate or a cappucino but was informed very very softly that they didn’t have any…only black coffee :p). Was getting late so Michael walked me back to the metro station and I got back to my comfy hotel room for a hot shower.  I did manage to supress my urge to run and jump onto my soft double bed…I remained composed :p

Day two was conference day.  I’ll spare you the details but I work in health research and the conference/workshop was about patient rights and standard measurement of health quality.  Part 1 of conference over, lunch time in the hotel restaurant.  Had a cute nerdy Slovenian ask if he could join my table so kept the lunch interesting!  Part 2 of conference over.  Yay it’s 4 and I can run around Prague freely now.  Messaged Michael again (poor guy I’m sure I drove him absolutely mad!) and he suggested we go down to watch a concert then grab dinner.  Fine by me!  I left the hotel to walk around on my own and do some souvenir shopping.  Was a bit rainy but nothing too bad.  Before the concert we dropped by a crystal shop were Michael’s friend Sue works to see if she’d like to join us for the concert and dinner. She had to miss the concert but we’d pick her up for dinner at 7 and meet her boyfriend Kristoff at the restaurant.  So Michael and I headed off to the concert…Did you know that the band ‘Fun loving criminals’ still exist?  I didn’t 😀 we watched their 1 hour set though I only recognised two songs then went to pick up Sue and grab dinner.  Kristoff met us at the restaurant and we ordered.  The food was really yummy and pretty cheap too!  The company was an eclectic mix of people not from the Czech Republic!  Sue is from Korea, Kristoff is from Germany, Michael is from Denmark and I’m from Malta.  It was interesting asking and hearing how these people ended up in Prague and made me wonder about man’s need to travel the world and the desire to start over in a new alien country.  Somehow we’re pretty fearless about leaving everything we know so well and feel safe in to plant roots, even if shallow, in another country.  Dinner over and the gang walked me back to the metro station.  We said our goodbyes and hoped to see each other another time!  I got back to the hotel and took a looonnnggg hot bath, packed for my early morning check out and headed to bed.

It took me 12 hours to get home from a country that is about 3 hours away 😀 Left the hotel at 6.30 had to wait over 4 hours at Munich airport, realised that I had to stop off in Catania before Malta and had to wait 1 hour on the plane there.  When we were finally about to land in Malta we had to pull up and change runways because of the weather 😀  Home…finally….19.00 *sigh*

And that was my trip to Prague!  I look forward to visiting again and seeing more of it because it truely is beautiful and worthy of a second visit.  Big thanks to Ann, Michael, Sue and Kristoff for making my short time there even more memorable!  Hope to see you guys again some day!




  1. @ Dor: Thanks for the blog post 🙂 I must agree with you that Prague transport is amongst the best I’ve seen around in terms of punctuality (together with German)…nothing like London transport 😉 And of course…Prague IS beautiful, especially at night 🙂
    As always, good piece of writing 🙂

  2. That was a nice breath of fresh air from Ann’s blogs. Thanks, travel more often please 😉

  3. @ Mina: EEEEEVIL!!!! I don’t know why I consider you to be my friend! *shakes head*

  4. Hi Dorothy, a pleasure meeting you. I enjoyed showing you Prague and talking to you. Do all Maltese talk like a waterfall? 😛

    I did enjoy talking about your take on life and Malta. I realized that you are only the second Maltese person I’ve met without having Ann around.

    Here are my pictures from your visit:

  5. @ Michael: pfff to us talking to much…it’s you who don’t talk enough :P.
    Glad you had the opportunity to meet some other Maltese people without me (though the other was only my brother :P)…Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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