Posted by: annmucc | March 8, 2009

Sunday Dinner :)

After a long absence (because we have rarely been both in London for the same weekend), Sunday lunches (or dinner today) are back for Ruth and I :). Today was ‘her turn’ to decide what the menu will involve (last time we were both here, mum and cec were also here and we went out to eat). 

Here’s the recipe 🙂







1. Cook the couscous

2. Add some tuna

3. Add the cup-a-soup powder

4. Leave till done

* you can add a fried egg and some toast on the side like we did 🙂


The end result? Much better than you’d think! It was actually delicious 🙂 Thanks Ruth!



  1. that sounds odd, really odd… what would you call it???

  2. @ Luisa: I thought so too, but it actually tasted good 🙂 Not sure what to call it maybe Tuna Couscous Soup? Who knows! Any suggestions?

  3. None, but if I come up with anything creative..maybe when I try it out, I’ll let you know…

    mmm Tuna Couscous Soup
    or maybe Fish in Dirty Water…
    sounds kind of disgusting…

  4. @ Luisa: hehe Fish in Dirty Water 😉 – not sure Ruth would appreciate her creation being called so 😛

  5. Thats why I should try it first… then I’ll be able to baptise it with a name more fitting and suitable to its taste I’m sure

  6. hahahaha
    actually i learnt it from my brother… he cooked couscous once and i was starving and managed to get a few bitefuls, and was pleasantly surprised =)
    Its basically some sort of soup to give the couscous taste, and we are the ‘add anything else you find in the fridge’ kind of family… the combinations manage to turn out right MOST of the time 😉

  7. @ Ruthie: It did this time, even if I wasn’t expecting it to turn out as good as it did 🙂

  8. I’ve always wondered aobut how to cook cous cous. Now you’ve given me an idea. Thanks Ann!

  9. @ Grace: Well…this was a new idea to me too ;)…generally the way I do couscous is just add to it anything you have in the fridge 🙂 e.g. in summer: tomatoes, cucumber, cheese, corn, peppers, and whatever really you like and think would go well together…maybe a bit of mayo? Depending on what you like…I find it an easy and filling meal…after all all you have to do to cook the couscous is add some hot water, and it is generally done in a few minutes 🙂

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