Posted by: annmucc | March 9, 2009

My Today

A very hectic one!

Hmm…Where do I start?

Well, first off, I am proud to say I biked to uni and back (Hurrrah! ;)). This was the third time I have done it in the 2 weeks since I got the bike. Most days I have not ridden in mainly because I either had a reason to stay late at university (I don’t have lights as yet, so I particularly do not want to ride the bike in the night), or because I wasn’t going to university, but either to the TNA or somewhere else. Other times, I was just not up to it, like Thursday, when I was tired, or Friday, when I rode out to Kensington High Street on it and decided to abandon the trip (yeah…I chickened out :-O ). It took me around 40mins both ways, which I am very proud of :). I am managing to ride more of the way there, as I am gaining more confidence in my abilities and in judging traffic around me (I am also managing to push my specs up without swerving too much 😉 – how’s THAT for an achievement? :P). I am not sure about my fitness level though 😉

Well, besides that? A new research assistant arrived now :D. We got the first one, Irina, in the beginning of March, and Linda arrived today. So far I think I am getting on very well with Irina, and Linda I had met before. It is good to see the centre growing and to get more people to discuss stuff with…I’m a happy girl 😀 Ahh! And Linda said that she had come across my blog! Lol! AAAAA *blush*

I also had a meeting with my supervisor. First off, he asked me if I had eaten lunch…I said I had had a muffin…that didn’t seem to impress him AT ALL! (uhh – and I got my first sugar rush today! – The muffin was very chocolatey, and having eaten it after a bike ride and nothing else taken in all day, my head started spinning, but as Michael predicted, it abated quite soon). Well…my supervisor took me off to get some lunch at a Japanese place close by, where we had soup…he impressed me by using chopsticks…I of course used a spoon ;). Well, I don’t think he is too impressed with the progress I am making, and I need to improve my presentation skills, but otherwise he seemed pleased with the results I got from the environmental monitoring (I am too…though I had nothing to do with the readings themselves, since the monitors just measure on their own…I just press start and a couple of other buttons ;))

Well, I am now sitting in my room at my computer (duh!), having relaxed a bit after the ride back home. 

I seem to have a busy couple of days coming up…That means a lot to blog about but no time to do it! I promise to try and update you though!


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