Posted by: annmucc | March 12, 2009

Past Few Days

I haven’t blogged a lot the last few days…but not because nothing has happened…more that so much has happened I don’t know where to start off with and when to find time to do it! So let me try to say a bit more about what I have been up to.


I have already blogged a bit about Tuesday in the post Tech Support. However, that wasn’t all I did! In the middle of all that chaos, I said I had a meeting…well, it wasn’t a meeting meeting…it was  Career’s Forum on Museum Work organised by the UCL Careers Service. I had applied for it as it appeared interesting, and in the middle of all the stress, I decided that I needed a break so went off to that. I must say it was interesting to listen to how others got into the Museum world of work. Right now it feels like there is only limited work in the museum field…even for volunteer’s positions you have to apply, and it is difficult to get! One girl at the forum asked if working in a Museum is the field of the higher-class people, since often lower-class people cannot afford to volunteer. I think that was a good question to ask, though it was good to see that the museums are also willing to accommodate for shorter work periods, e.g. a few hours every week, or every few weeks as well.

That was the morning. In the evening then from work I walked to Diageo plc. Here, one of this month’s blogger’s meetups was being held…free drinks, free cocktails, free whatever from the bar! + delicious food. Wow! Andy bargery, the organiser of these blogger meetups really does a good job I must say!

Well, it was open bar, but I didn’t drink much since I hadn’t eaten much (only one cocktail, which I didn’t partiuclary enjoy, but anyways). However, I had a good time talking to people, inlcuding Heather, Zoe, and Pristyles, who I hadn’t met before. Another good event, but I soon had to be off to fall into bed!


Wednesday (+ Thursday)

Another long day! I FINALLY started my preliminary studies (WOOHOO! – I had been promising myself I will start them soon for ages now!). Glad to finally get the ball rolling on something. I also had a discussion with my supervisor about the possibility of going abroad…but more about that if it happens…you will DEFINITELY hear about it then!…Today I spent the day working on the research proposal for that, so now you already know what I did today 🙂 (+looking for some quotes, and doing a million and one things on my to do list, which I started using again as from yesterday – indication of how much work I had to do!).

But I am not all work and no play ;). In the evening there was another talk by Captain Jerry Roberts, this time a much mroe formal one (I had gone to another of his talks before…read about it here). I had received the notice about it while in Cambridge, and immediately signed up for it for me and a guest…who to take as a guest though? WIPPEE! Someone wanted to join me! It was Irina, one of the new research assistants! (It is absolutely great to have more people working in the same area!)

Yesterday’s talk was very similar to the previous one I heard, but this time round Captain Roberts appeared much more relaxed, cracking a number of jokes as he went along. Unfortunately, I was dead tired after these days happenings, but otherwise it was very good. After the talk there was a drinks reception. I was not going to go, and went to wait on the bus stop. But then I saw that my bus had quite a long time to come, so decided to be off to check it out at least. More alcohol, with limited food from me…not a good combination so AGAIN I had to hold back. Nevertheless I met a couple of cool people there (even though I was probabbly one of the younger ones there ;)). Back home I again (as on Tuesday) went to Ruth’s room, as she had got my food for me (thanks!) and off to my room to eat, chat a bit, and fall asleep.

Today? I already said a bit about what I have been working on. There was another guest lecture today organised by the Centre for Sustainable Heritage, but I definitely needed a rest, so came back home at the normal time…Not sure now if that was the best idea though…



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