Posted by: annmucc | March 13, 2009

London…6 Months On

Yep…Its now been 6 months since I landed at Luton airport, Michael in tow, waiting to start my ‘new life’ in London. Its been a time of all emotions: tears, despair, and stress, to an enjoyment of being in a new place, meeting new people, and exploring new things.

But what do I think of London now?

Hmm…that’s a tough one. 

For me London is a mixture of feelings. In one sense, London to me is a very unfriendly place…very big, with people constantly being on the go. Unlike in other places, I find it a bit difficult to make friends here…I think the main reason for that is that it takes so long to get anywhere, that you rarely venture far from where you live to meet people/go out for a regular night or whatever…so though many people live in London, in reality it is also a bit compartmentalised as well, with people tending to stick to their local area for a chat, meeting friends etc, relaxing close to home after the daily commute (which does take ages here).

However, being in London, one cannot but be in awe of all the opportunities available here…Here I have the British Library straight on my university doorstop should I need to find a resource which is not available…it is a real God-sent for research! Also, there are constantly talks, seminars and workshops going on…attending these activities allow you to see what is going on in your field (and others of course if you’re interested!), keeping you up-to-date with matters, besides of course having the opportunity to meet the people who actually matter. As a place for doing research I think London is very good.

What about my work you say? Well, as I have told others I think it is going…how far I am not so sure. I feel I have spent most of the past months reading and deciding, but now I need to start working on the practical aspects. This last month or so I have done some things, but maybe not enough. We’ll see!

Anyways, my verdict so far? I don’t consider London as a place where I want to spend the rest of my life in, though I can happily live in it for the next few years as I continue my studies and follow up other opportunities. However, I do recognise the benefit of being in this city when it comes to opportunities.



  1. I think you’re blogs made me miss you more than if you didn’t blog

  2. @ Mina: awww…so should I stop blogging? 😉

  3. if you rather I didn’t miss you could, but I’ve gotten used to your blogs so then I would miss them… it’s a vicious cycle

  4. @ Mina: hehe…loving me is a vicious cycle 😉

  5. poor Michael

  6. @ Mina: It’s only vicious if you want to get out of it 😉

  7. ohhhh…6 months of mpeace and quiet ( u iwa a bit less cos ste left after) at home 😀

  8. bdw…if you finish in 3 years..that is 1/6 of your pHd OVER!

  9. @ Cec: Good to have peace and quiet myself too ;)…and YES I realised….AAAAA! Am I going to ever come close to finish? I feel like I have barely started! AAAAAAAAA

  10. When I first decided I wanted to work in Europe, I was looking for a job in London for like 6 months. At that time, I had this romanticized view of what it’d be like living in London. Of course, as fate would have it, I ended up in Prague instead. After living in Prague for a little over a year, I can identify with all your gripes about living in London. So to some extent now, I’m glad I only have to travel to London to visit friends and do exams, and not live there.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your time there!

  11. @ Grace: I don’t think I ever had a romanticised idea of London…I never lived in a big city, but I was never drawn towards living in one either. As I said, I don’t mind living here for a few years, but I definitely don’t think it is heaven on earth ;). A good thing about London though is that people are always passing through it, meaning I get a number of visits 🙂

  12. Ann, I dont know if it counts as “living in a big city” but you did live in Prague for six weeks.

  13. @ Michael: Prague is not London-big…though I shouldn’t be saying that lest I scare you away from it 😉

  14. To me (and I’m a hillbilly) Copenhagen and Prague are big cities. Of course not in the metropole ways of London, New York and Paris. London is a mega city and it’s intimidating, no doubt about that, but I am interested in seeing how I would fare there 🙂

  15. @ Michael: Well…Malta is smaller than London! So that’s saying something abut my concept of size 🙂 I am looking forward to you finding out how you fare here (hopefully very well ;))

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