Posted by: annmucc | March 14, 2009

Fat Bloke Slims – How I Lost Three Stones

Unfortunately the fat bloke in question is not me, but Bruce Byron…I have quite a lot of qeight to take off, but so far not doing much on that…I was hoping to moving to London and living alone, I would lose weight (as I have done in other instances when I lived abroad), mainly as I would eat less as food as food is not available, and also as I wouldn’t have the money ;). Unfortunately I am now in a catered residence, which means that I have an allowance for food each day (and my brain tells me not to waste that ;))…not cooking for myself also means that the food is not as healthy as it could be.

Anyways, enough about me! On to the book: Fat Bloke Slims – How I Lost Three Stone. It is about how he went around losing weight (besides the book, he also chronicled his experience in the daily mail…you can se eone of the articles here). What I liked about the book is the can do attitude it has…It doesn’t talk about mind-blowing changes, or extreme dieting (as the author is loath to doing that, just as I, and many others, are). However, it talks about what changes can be made to lose weight over a long period of time (he wanted to have lost 3 stones over some 8 months). That is the healthier way to lose weight (though not putting it on in the first place would be ideal ;)).

I liked his style of writing and his way of thinking. It is easy going and makes you realise that you can do it…I don’t need to lose 3 stones (I hope!)but it has made me realise that if I actually try to follow through with small changes, maybe I can actually lose the weight even in the environment I am in…So I am going to put myself out there and hope you hold me acocuntable…tomorrow there is some softball training…hope I go!

Well, this was another book I have read…have read others in the meantime, but nothing which I got round to blogigng about in the meantime. Now I am off to the library to get more books 🙂


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