Posted by: annmucc | March 17, 2009


I cannot scream in real life, but here I can make do as if I am!

And WHY do I want to scream? Boqq! I just feel irritable! VEEEERY irritable, and jittery, but at the same time exhausted ( probably after a day of being jittery) (I don\’t know if the few sips of coffee I took in the morning helped in anything or not!). I don\’t know what it is…maybe side effects from being ill all weekend? All I know was that by 6:15am I was wide awake! But I only leave the house at 8am (generally waking up at 7:45 :P). I tried to get back to sleep, but all that did was get me more irritable and exhuasted, so that by 8 I was already drained, and in fact spent a few extra minutes in bed, just to have the energy to wake up (though at 6:15 I was raring to go!). I feel like my sleeping pattern has been disrupted since the fire alarm rang a week and a half ago or so! Since then I ahve been waking between 5 and 6 wide awake, and not able to go back to sleep after that. I guess after being sick however that is not a good thing. On top of that I am totally not hungry (which is definitely not normal for me ;)).

Can\’t wait to get back to normal!


How I Feel...

How I Feel...



  1. I hear ya Ann. My doctor told me not to sleep during the day when I was sick a few weeks ago. Thank God i took his advice! 🙂

  2. […] yesterday, I woke up early AGAIN (5:45am anyone?!). However, having learnt my lesson from yesterday, I only […]

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