Posted by: annmucc | March 19, 2009

Spring is in the Air?

Not sure if it is just that spring is in the air…but things are starting to look up I feel. Things are changing and so far so good.

What’s changing?

First of all the weather! I hadn’t realised that the weather might have been affecting me, but all of a sudden, I am waking up while the sun is up, and leaving university when the sun is still up…WOW! That gives such a bright outlook to my day. Flowers are also out, with crocuses and daffodils all around…London is so much more colourful and welcoming all of a sudden.

Another thing which has changed? The research group…as I have said, there are 2 new research assistants, which are also based in the office I am in. Having people there with whom I can discuss the work and also with whom I can say a word makes things so much nicer…it may mean that I am getting less work done (:-/), but it also means I am having happier days, leaving the office with a smile on my face. 

Today I also submitted things for a trip I might take in May…but since it is not confirmed, I will leave you all (or most of you :P) in suspense…will let you know if and when it is accepted…if so I promise a couple of interesting posts for you in the future 🙂



  1. Pls tell me Ann about the trip…what what what??? :P:P:P LOOOOOL

  2. @ Cec: pfff

  3. I was just discussing spring in London over lunch with my colleagues. We all agreed that spring is much nicer than winter, but it’s so damn short. 😦

    enjoy spring in london and let us all know when your mystery trip is confirmed (PS Michael told me where you might be going already ;)).

  4. @ Grace: Hopefully in London it will be a bit long :)…we’ll see. And if the trip is confirmed I am sure I will let you know (hehe…I am sure that what he told you is correct 🙂 – it’s not a secret of course…but don’t want to jinx it by writing it before it is confirmed)

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