Posted by: annmucc | March 21, 2009

Touristing London

As I have been referring to in my previous posts, 2 of my friends from Malta, Marilyn and Christabelle are visiting this weekend (they will be travelling a bit around the UK, but they’re starting from my place this weekend, then going on to other friends and relatives in Coventry, Canterbury, Cranfield and Wales, returning to London next Sunday, where they will again spend another two days or so here). Christabelle has already been to London, but this is Marilyn’s first trip to the UK, so today was dedicated to a bit of sightseeing.

We woke up quite early (well…around 7:30 or so I think)…too early it seems for my next-room neighbour…and we were a bit too loud, so she came over to quieten us down…hmm…sorry!! After preparations however, we were out of the door by around 9am, making our way first to Portobello market, which Christabelle hadn’t visited before either. After commenting about everything and anything there, we then made our way to Green Park, from where we walked down to Buckingham Palace. 

The plan was to see the Changing of the Guards. However, though we arrived there around 45mins early, the place was already packed! There was no way we were going to manage to see anything! So we decided to move on to see other places. From Buckingham palace we walked to Trafalgar Square, where we took some pictures with the lions (of course ;)), and then on to Covent Garden. Here I always admire the beautiful things in the different stalls, but so far I haven’t seen fit to buy anything…don’t have a permanent place I can call my own, so best not to clutter my life with too much, which I would then need to cart around the place. (The situation was the same today ;)). 

From Covent garden, on to Leicester square and Picadilly Circus, from where we caught a bus supposedly to Westminister to see the sights there. We missed the stop however, and ended up on the southbank, so we decided to change our plans and walk along there…London Eye…Royal Festival Hall…bridges…Tate Modern…Globe Theatre…

ahh…Globe Theatre!

Christabelle studied Theatre studies in her first degree, so Globe Theatre was up on her list of places to visit. Originally the plan was to go and see it tomorrow. However, since we were there, we of course entered today. The Globe Theatre as it is today is a rebuilt site, since the old one disappeared ages ago. We arrive, and ask about the tours…one starts in 3 mins or so…hmm…we still have to buy tickets (and there is a queue!)…we wait…we come to the counter and he tells me: I have 3 tickets left for the 3:30 tour…Great! we say…we are three…so we hurriedly buy the tickets and rush off, from where the tour guide is waiting for us to arrive. Well…not much of a tour…but more of a sit-down in the theatre as the guide tells us about the place and how it came to be. Tour over, and we go through the exhibition.

By now time was starting to roll by, but Christabelle and Marilyn were going to watch We Will Rock You this evening, so we had to make our way home (tickets too expensive for me, hence me staying home, hence me having time to blog :)). We decided to cross over to the north side of the river, saw St. Paul’s Cathedral from afar, and got the tube back home. They prepared themselves, we ate, and now I am having some alone time resting at home as they are (I hope by now) at the theatre or close to it (show starts in around 5 mins).

Maybe we’ll play some Carcassone tonight when they return? Who knows?



  1. sounds like your headache subsided enough so you could take your friends around London. 🙂

  2. @ Grace: Friends always make your headache go away 😉

  3. Lol, i can totally picture the scene where Marilyn, Lewis and you actually get to wake up your next door neighbour… sounds quite realistic :D. Also why did u switch from the past to the present tense in the last bit of your blog(when talking about Globe Theater) ? Insomma sounds like u girls are having a ball eh, enjoy it 2 d full :), tc

  4. @ Alex: Hmm…cannot really see the changing of the tense…but oh well…my blog is not an exercise in perfect grammar 😛 Gawdi li taqra kif inhu please 😛 We (or at least I) did have a lot of fun 🙂 Hope to update you with yesterday soon

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