Posted by: annmucc | March 23, 2009

Captain Jerry Roberts, Bletchley Park and Lectures

Remember the two lectures I’ve been to by Captain Jerry Roberts? (if not check here and here).

Just received an e-mail saying that the last talk has been filmed, and you can watch it here 🙂

Check it out!



  1. Hi,

    Thanks for linking to this. We’ve also placed his lecture in video and audio format on iTunes U for those that use Apple’s service. The link is:


  2. Thank you for this blog. Much appreciated.

    Thank you for coming and enjoyed the talk. You may know by now, the talk – Lecture at UCL 11th March online now!

    Thank you again for all the work you and the other volunteers (such as Dr. Sue Black) do in support of Bletchley Park.

    It was also another valuable step forward in our campaign to secure better recognition of the Three and others at B.P during WW2.

    With all good wishes,
    Jerry Roberts

  3. @ Neil Martin: Thanks for the link to the iTunes service…as I don’t use it I didn’t think of giving the link

    @Jerry Roberts: Thanks to you for giving the talk. I attended both lectures, on the 11th, and the earlier one organised by the German department. I do not do much for Bletchley park I must admit, seeing as my only contribution has been blogging about the two talks O:), but I definitely want to visit now to see the place…just need to get everything together and get myself there! I hope that the people involved in this effort during the war, including you, really get recognised for their work! Thanks again to YOU for all your work.

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