Posted by: annmucc | March 23, 2009

The Girls Visit…Part II

We did play a game of Carcassone when they returned 😉 Before the the girls were off to their musical, we had gone to buy some drinks and snacks, so when they returned we settled down to some wine, some chips, and a game of Carcassone (with very simplified rules…unfortunately it didn’t seem to have impressed them…oh well! – cannot please everyone can it?). After one game and the drinks however we were all ready for bed!



Sunday morning saw us making our way to the Natural History Museum. Unlike the Science Museum, which I had visited 3 times before, I had never been to the NHM, so I was glad they chose this museum to visit ;). It was fun to go around the exhibits and joke around with what we see…that is one thing I miss most I think…having someone to banter with…I don’t know anyone here enough I think, and Michael is not that much up for too much bantering and teasing (it doesn’t seem to be an inherent trait in Danes as it is in the Maltese! We seem to excel in this kind of thing and thrive on it). My favourite exhibit however has to be the ‘creepy crawly‘ exhibit, which is about arthropods (maybe I’m weird, but who cares? I’m a biology student :)).

From the museum we then decided to make our way to Kensington Gardens. First off however we stopped for ice-cream…mmm…haven’t had ice-cream in ages! (my mind still says ice-cream = hot weather) but the sun was shining and there was a pleasant breeze, we saw an ice-cream van just outside the museum…and voila’! Ice-cream!

Ice-cream in hand we made our way to the round pond in Kensington Gardens. I haven’t really spent much time sitting around in a park just enjoying the view and the discussion (up to a few months ago I didn’t even understand the pleasure of it ;)) but it was great to just catch up on everything and relax together in harmony 🙂 It started off sunny, but soon the wind started coming, and the sun started leaving, so after a while we got a bit chilly…when we got too chilly for our own good, we then made our way to Kensington High Street. 

There we entered into the first shop…T.K.Maxx…this is a shop which sells designer brands for up to 60% off, so e.g. you could get Calvin Klein jeans for £19.99, and things like this. We spent more than 2 hours in there I think, and we left with some (or make that a lot for some of us ;)) purchases. The shopping was good fun…mainly because Christabelle made sure to get me into stuff I would have never thought of even trying on. I guess I need to look at things with a bit more of an open mind when I go shopping, rather than just discard everything at first sight. 

By now however we were quite dead! So on to Tesco to buy some food and back to my place to rest…because in the evening we were going ICE-SKATING! Now Marilyn can and enjoys roller-skating quite a lot, and Christabelle as well, and both have been ice-skating more than me (I had only been twice when there was an ice-skating rink in Malta, and this was more than 6 years ago!). This meant that there were two girls who can skate very well, and one (me) who could just about manage to stay standing on ice. Luckily, with their help (particularly Christabelle’s, who very patiently dragged me round the rink like a free taxi service), I managed to by the end of the night be able to skate around without holding. Also, I only fell once! and it was at the end of the night…so it wasn’t because I couldn’t skate, but more because I was too tired to think by then (or so is my excuse). By the end of the night we were all exhausted, so we just made our way home, dragging our feet all the way, and fell into bed



Today was their last day in London before they made their way to their other stops prior to returning back to London next Sunday. So the morning saw the girls finish their packing, and us being off to pick up the car they had rented.

We arrive at the car rental place early, and go to talk to the receptionist…they are asked for the payment voucher to show that they had paid…Christabelle hadn’t printed it!!! PFFFF – what did she think? 😛 Well, this meant we had to go to my university, for her to print the voucher, and then go back to the car rental place. 

Finally car in hand, off we go, first to drop me off at uni, and then for them to be off to their next stop, Canterbury. We did s number of gaffes O:) and I must admit I was quite terrified of the driving in London part, but I arrived safe at uni…hope they did too in Canterbury!



  1. Wow Caracassonne seems like an interesting game… GIBHA MIEGHEK F’APRIL ANN :p

    Wow – busy day! Lol the last tie I went tice-skating I nearly broke my ankle (quoting the doctor at casualty!). Oh well, mhux kulhadd tajjeb f’kollox hux :p

  2. @ John: Forsi nipprova nghid lil Michael igib tieghu 😉 ghax ghal birthday xtrajtlu extension, so nkunu nistghu nilghabu iktar nies :).
    Luckily ma ksirt xejn, ghalkemm gismi ghamel xi erba t’ijiem jugani 😉

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