Posted by: annmucc | March 26, 2009

Shopping Spreeeeeee

I just received the House of Fraser Voucher I had won from the Bloggers meetup competition.

This can only mean one thing…SHOPPING SPREEE

hmm…but one problem first…I am incapable of shopping! At least on my own. Luckily the voucher should be valid for 24 months! So this means I have time till friends/sister/brother/Michael? are visiting, so we can go spend the oh so lovely £75 voucher 🙂



  1. Hi, just a quick reminder that the First Blog World Surf Day is starting soon, please refer to this post to see who will link to you and to whom you have to link at the end of your post. I am looking forward to reading your post;-)

  2. make sure you go to House of Fraser when the sales are on. That would make that voucher go further. 🙂

  3. @ Grace: AHHH! Brilliant idea…whose visiting for the sales? I might even treat you then ;)…hmm…and WHEn are the next sales? I know that today there is a 25% off at house of Fraser, but don’t want to go alone..:'(

  4. […] from House of Fraser from the London Bloggers meetup last February (yes!!! a year ago). As I said I am incapable of shopping so as I had Christabelle here (and she is the one who managed to convince […]

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