Posted by: annmucc | March 31, 2009

A Sighting (or a Hearing Really ;))

This morning, I woke up late (or wanted to laze around), and I was running to the bus stop.

All of a sudden I heard this voice in my ear…I know this voice…it is a REALLY familiar voice (OK – not THAT familiar ;))…

But who is it?

I look…

It was Gregg Wallace from the Masterchef programmes! Remember when I was watching them? Since I have been in London it was the only series I watched every single day (besides Masterchef and a number of documentaries, I only have the Friends series, and have not made too much ehadway on that one…as you see I am not all that into watching tv, but I get addicted to this show!)

He was talking on the phone, as I was walking by, maybe waiting for a cab? I stopped to look at him to see where I know him (yeah – very crass thing to do!), but when I realised it is not someone I REALLY know, and since he was on the phone, I walked past…now runnign to get the bus which had just stopped.

Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace



  1. haha that’s so cool…

  2. @ Mina: 🙂

  3. Nice one, he probably doesn’t know you either!

  4. @ Martin: Haha…any doubt that he doesn’t know me? 😉

  5. wow.. a celebrity hearing! that’s something to be happy about, for sure! 🙂

    I was once eating in the same restaurant as The Corrs in Brisbane. I didn’t even realise it until my friend pointed it out to me. That was a very cool experience.

  6. @ Grace: Hehe…it put a smile on my face 🙂 (especially remembering the idiotic way I stopped in front of him while I matched the voice to the face and name ;)). But WOW – The Corrs? I really liked some of their music, and the fact that they are a family and so musical!

  7. That’s so cool! I’ve wondered how many celebrities I’ve passed in the street and never noticed. I tend to be a bit oblivious and London is so crowded 😉 But I was in Victoria Station once and this family was chatting excitedly about someone they saw. They apparently got autographs too. The mother was REALLY excited. It was cute.

  8. @ JaPRA: Hehe…well, if he wasn’t talking on the phone and his voice happened to in some way penetrate my brain, I would have definitely walked straight by him! In the beginning of my stay here however I remembered being on the bus stop with some girls from my residence, and they apparently saw someone from Eastenders or something…one problem…I never watched Eastenders, so I couldn’t really get at all excited! I was thinking of getting Gregg Wallace’s autograph though 😉 If he wasn’t on the phone I would have stopped (or that’s my excuse ;))

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