Posted by: annmucc | April 1, 2009

Guest Blogger 3: The Girls’ Out of London – 1

I got Marilyn to write some blog posts for you…this is their first day (it seems like she has the same problem as me: too much writing ;)) – Hope you like it!


On Monday 23rd we woke up rather stiff and pretty early. We had to pick up our rental car from Marble Arch, drop off Ann at her office and drive all the way to Canterbury, where we were meant to meet Elaine (Christa’s friend) for lunch. So we walked out of the residence with our luggage on tow, caught the bus and made our way to the rental company offices. However, when we got there, we got a nasty little surprise: we had to present a proof of purchase, i.e. a print out of the voucher sent to us via email. Since we had like 2 or 3 pieces of luggage each, we decided that one of us should stay at the offices with the luggage. So Christa (who had received the email) and Ann (whose printing services were required) walked/ran/bussed their way to Ann’s office to print the thingy and in the mean time I stayed at the rental offices, where I read the free metro paper… twice!

They came back an hour or so later and we were given a pretty little black VW Golf (which i absolutely adore). We switched on our GPS and off we went to Ann’s office to drop her off but whilst ignoring the GPS (recalculating, recalculating, RECALCULATING!!) we ended up driving along Oxford street 😀 Don’t ask how it happened, I have no idea! We ran into a side street as soon as Ann came to her senses and told us that only public transport vehicles are allowed to in Oxford Street. Anyway, to make a long story short, somehow or another, we managed to drop off Ann somewhere close to UCL and we started our drive to Canterbury. The trip was not too long but it took us ages to get out of London because of traffic, speed cameras and bloody, bloody traffic lights.

We parked our Golf in front of Elaine’s house and walked down to the centre of the little town. I must admit that Canterbury is a very picturesque place. The houses are small and cute, with lovely green lawns, plenty of daffodils and random funny garden furniture. Since we got there at about 2pm, we missed lunch so we went for a walk around the centre. We were meant to walk around, take pics and act touristy however we ended up shopping (god bless mid-season sales) 😀  

We met Elaine at about 5.30pm and we walked to her house, which she shares with another 4 people or so. She cooked us a lovely dinner and then we went to some cute little pub in the city centre. (Did I mention that it was veeeeeery cold and windy?!). We had a few drinks and an interesting chat but we were kicked out of the pub at 11pm. We walked back home, packed our stuff (giggle giggle *hiccough* giggle) and went to bed for a well deserved sleep after a hectic day dealing with London traffic, mid-season sales, rain and alcohol 😀



  1. driving along oxford street???!!!!!


  2. Mawilyn…tridu tkunu intom ehh biex tamlu xi wahda ekk

  3. Hectic indeed, but well enjoyed – What do you mean you got ‘kicked out’ of the pub? Are you a lager lout? I thought that pubs opened all hours in the UK.

  4. @ Mina: Hehe…My fault I guess, cos I should have realised earlier!

    @ Cec: 😛

    @ Martin: Hmm…pubs here close at 11pm! Or so is my experience! For Maltese people that is strange, cos we generally go out around that time!

  5. @ Martin: they kicked us out cos they were closing down not cos i’m a lager lout :p i’m rather funny and sociable when drunk 😀 i never get loud and violent :p it’s rather stupid that most pubs close down so early.. i don’t know what happens in weekends but 11pm is waaay too early to close down 😀 the night is young 😀

  6. @ Marilyn/Martin: I can state that Marilyn gets ‘intellectual’ when she gets drunk…she once insisted on telling us how high Mount Everest is, while quite drunk 😉

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