Posted by: annmucc | April 1, 2009

The Girls’ Visit…Part III

The girls returned (see here for Part I and Part II)! They arrived in London Sunday night, so it wasn’t because of nothin interesting happening the past few days that I haven’t blogged much, but because I have been busy!


Sunday night

Sunday night we didn’t get up o much. On Friday night we had just received a note saying that we should only have on guest in the residence overnight each, so we were a bit concerned that if we go out they may not let us in since I was with two guests! We took the time to drink the second bottle of wine we had bought last week, and went to sleep (after catching up of course ;)). 



Monday morning the girls had to return the rented car they had. However, first they dropped me off at unviersity, where Marilyn came in to print some tickets. Tickets for what? They wanted to go to the Tower of London, so had bought the tickets online since it is cheaper. We printed the tickets in the office, and off they went, dropping off the car, and off to the Tower of London. 

Oh wait…they made a pit stop before there ;). We had decided we wanted to go and watch a musical! I have bene in London for more than 6 months now, and haven’t watched a single one, so I was definitely up for it (especially since buying tickets on the day means you get them half price!). After they visited the Tower of London, and I met Tanja, a student of my supervisor’s in Slovenia for a coffee and chat (it was great to see her again…we had met in Slovenia and she had been so nice to me, it was definitely great to see her face again and talk a bit with her), we then met again (after a lot of confusion), and made our way to Covent Garden to rest before the show was due to start.

And what show was it? We watched Chicago!

OK – on to Impressions now…The first impression you get is of the theatre of course. I was expecting something along the lines of the major theatres in Malta in terms of upkeep. But I was a bit disappointed…it looked more like a theatre on the parochial level, or a school hall.

However, the show didn’t disappoint. It was good fun. I had watched the film years ago, and didn’t remember much, but the music kept coming to me, and there were some good singers. I was however surprised that the performers looked quite old, possibly over 30s, while I was expecting people in their early twenties for some reason. 

Back home, luckily no one stopped us again today, so we were in the room safe, and just slept!



The girls wanted to sleep in a bit, but I had to get to university to do some work anyways. So after a bit of a lie-in (after all yesterday was a public holiday in Malta ;)), I made my way to university. There I started getting some work done, before my supervisor asked me to have lunch together so we can discuss some things. So off we went for lunch. I think we had a good discussion, and I felt quite well after it, which is definitely good :). After a bit more work, I was in contact with the girls, who were going to the British Museum by now (they had gone to see the Changing of the Guards in the morning, followed by seeing the sights of Big Ben/Westminster etc). We met at the British Museum (though we ended up at the doors on opposite sides of the museum, we managed to figure it out!), and had a quick look through it. I liked the centre exhibit of Living and Dying, where there was a display of pills two people have taken over their life. A bit bizarre? But I think it was quite tastefully done, and showed how we go through our lives on pills, and how these change as our needs change.

From there we then went off to get something to eat (Christabelle had been pining for a Burger King burger, so we satisfied her desires and went there ;)), followed by some shopping, and home.

Home meant some rushed packing, because now it was time to leave! They hurriedly packed and I saw them off at the underground station, as they made their way to the airport.

It was great (though hectic) having them here :)…it will be good to see them in a week’s time 🙂



  1. So glad you enjoyed Chicago 🙂 it’s a great musical! 🙂

  2. @ Claire: It was good 😉 Oliver, Les Miserable and Phantom were high on the list, but we didn’t find tickets for the day we wanted…but I liked it anyways 🙂

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