Posted by: annmucc | April 2, 2009

Guest Blogger 3: The Girls Out of London – 2

This is their day two…It will come in bits and pieces, but it will come 😉


On Tuesday morning we woke up rather early since we had to pack all our stuff in the car, walk down to the centre, visit the Farmers’ Market, have lunch with Elaine and then drive all the way to Cranfield University to meet another friend of ours, Alex, who’s reading for a masters degree over  there. So first we decided to have some breakfast at the Farmer’s Market.  We bought some freshly baked bread from Enzo’s and some cheese from Tom’s stall (we tried out about six cheeses till we found two which we both liked). After breakfast, we visited the Canterbury Cathedral (not visited as such, we just took some pics and ooh-ed and aah-ed at how nice it is). We then went to some souvenir shop and I bought a mug which has part of the London underground map and  ‘MIND THE GAP’ printed on it (I loved the London underground  by the way, they’re not cheap fine, but from my experience, they’re rather fast and reliable).

We shopped around for another hour or so and then we met Elaine for lunch. I had two chocolate chip cookies which were oh sooo tasty!! Then we left pretty little Canterbury and started driving towards Cranfield. The drive was long and rather tiring however, with the help of our beloved GPS we got to the Woburn Safari Park. We knew Alex was busy with some group assignment so we had some time to kill till we could meet him. So we went to this Safari Park, about 15 minutes away from Cranfield Uni. The park was so much fun 😀 We drove through it and saw all sorts of animals: zebras, rhinos, giraffes, lions, tigers, bears, raptors, monkeys (one of which decided to climb on our Golf’s bonnet), seals, deer, wallabies and even albino wallabies. I loved it so much 🙂

The park closed down at about 5pm so we decided to go to one of the pubs our GPS was suggesting, however, the stupid thing was not working too well so we drove around in circles for quite some time till we decided to stop at the first bar we saw (which was like 2 mins away from the Safari Park). We had a drink and then drove off to Tesco for dinner (gotta love that place lol). We bought sandwiches and pasta and had dinner in the car (I really did feel like we were some poor homeless people living in a car!!).

At about 8.30pm we met Alex next to the University reception. After unpacking a bit, we decided to cook some dinner for Alex however, Christa finished cooking while I was showering  😀 So as soon as I finished showering, I just collapsed onto my inflatable mattress and slept like a baby while Alex was working on his assignment and Christa was washing her hair. Yet another busy day which ended in the bestest way possible 😀 a long looong sleep 🙂


  1. Not surprised you slept like a baby after a day like that!

  2. Road trip England. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. What’s it like driving in UK compared to Malta?

  3. @Martin: yes it was a very tiring holiday.. more of a road trip in fact! but i’m glad we did it 😉

    @Michael: yes it was fun in fact 🙂 i didn’t drive cos we paid surcharge for drivers under 25 and since Christa is 23 and i’m still 22, we just paid the cheaper surcharge, i.e. for drivers over 23 years of age. Well the roads are SO much better than the ones in Malta. The highways are cool and at least you can speed up a bit. But driving in London is a bit of a nightmare cos of speed cameras and traffic lights. It’s like driving in Malta but the roads are busier and much much smoother 🙂

  4. direct answer to mich: driving in england was heaven, speed cams suck but being able to hit 200 n not hitting a pothole or having to hit the brakes is heaven i tell u 😀

  5. No………..the GPS was working fine!!! I’m sure of it!!! The problem must have been one of you two!!! 😀

  6. blame the driver then 😛

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