Posted by: annmucc | April 3, 2009

Guest Blogger 3: The Girls Out of London – 3

On Wednesday we woke up bright and early (for the nth time in a row) since we had to drive to Coventry where we were to spend the next 24 hours or so. We packed some stuff into our hand luggage (since we were going to spend the night there) and off we went. Alex joined us by train later on since he had a meeting of some sort. We parked our Golf (i think we should have given it a name L ) in the hotel’s parking lot and walked down to the city centre which was about 15 minutes away.

On our way towards the centre we walked by the Coventry Cathedral which was bombed by the Luftwaffe during WWII. In fact, only some ruins can be seen nowadays (the outer structure is still semi intact). A new cathedral was built right next to it so as to replace the old one. However, our trip to Coventry was meant to be more of a shopping trip so we marched on to our first destination: Primark. We spent about 3 hours in the same shop trying out all sorts of clothes and shoes. It was bloody tiring but we managed to find some decent looking clothes at relatively cheap prices. In the meantime, Alex joined us and he bought some stuff for himself as well.  We walked back to our hotel where we checked in and put our stuff in our little hotel room. We walked back to the centre for some lunch and I had fish and chips. The meal came with a cup of tea and since i’m no big fan of tea,  I gave mine to Christa and had some Diet Coke instead. Fish and chips was ok, just like normal fish and chips we get here so…

Anyway, after lunch we walked down to the Transport Museum which was closed 😦 We then went to The Carphone Warehouse cos I wanted to buy a mobile phone. They didn’t have one in pink so they gave us the address for another shop in Cov which had 3 in stock. So we drove to the other Carphone Warehouse. The guy was so bloody slow! Me and Christa felt like screaming at him 😀 but at least I managed to get my darling little (pink) Nokia 6600 slide 😀 😀

Anywhoooo we drove back to our hotel, picked up Alex (who was trying to do some work) and went to TK Maxx. We couldn’t find the blessed shop so we asked this random guy who told us to follow him cos he was driving that way. We did manage to find the place but the shop closed down about 15 minutes after we got there (Christa still managed to buy some stuff though!!).

Back to our hotel, we showered, dressed and off we went to this student bar in Cov. Christa went there in 2008 with some British friends and since drinks were at £1, we decided to go there. The bar was full of young students, the average age couldn’t have been more than  20. We started drinking bla bla bla and the rest is now history 😀 What happens in Cov stays in Cov ay 😀 😛



  1. Hi Marilyn,

    Have yo heard of the expression ‘Getting send to Coventry’. Sounds like it’s not as bad as people make out from your account!

  2. @ Martin: I had to google it hehe. Well let’s face it: we stayed in Cov for just 1 day. We were not very familiar with the area ant we didn’t tourist around. We only chose to visit cos it’s close to Cranfield, you can do some shopping cos shops are less crowded than London and cos Christa wanted to meet some friends. I can’t really judge whether it’s a nice place to live in for instance. However, from what i’ve seen, it’s not too bad 😉

  3. hahahahahahahaha dont forget to add we also went to cov cos i knew it would be student night on wed so the phoenix would be good 😛 and i had warned u we’d stay in primark for a few hours…. a well 😀 wasn’t exaggerating see 😛 as for the sales geezer from carphone, fuckin ell did u put it mildly saying he was slow! felt like shaking him till his teeth rattled!

  4. We got to TKMaxx at 7pm. It closed at 8pm. That’s 1 hour Mar!!! :p More than enough by my standards. lol

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