Posted by: annmucc | April 4, 2009

Am I an Idiot? Confirmed!

Remember this post? I think I was an idiot! The four weeks were up today, so I went to see about collecting the money. But guess what? It has been restored to owner apparently! But no details about collection, and one place which should have been signed hasn’t been signed. The policewoman said she’ll check into it, to confirm that the details I gave and the person who collected the money gave match (since nothing was written down, though this information should have been written down).

I had found £100 on the ground. That amount of money right now is not something to be sneezed at. All I hope is that the person who they belonged to really needed the money, and it helped them do something they needed to do.

Au revoir £100!

On another note, though connected, yesterday Michael sent me this link, but I only received it today for some reason, when I returned from the policestation…Was it to make me feel worse? Or grateful that I wasn’t arrested at least!



  1. Aww too bad about the 100 quid. It was still a very noble thing to do to turn it in.

  2. @ Michael: 🙂

  3. You did the right thing! And in the end, the owner has the money back, that was the reason you handed it in to the police in the first place, wasn’t it!? 😉

  4. @ Golden Prague: Haha…yeah O:) (or maybe not…it was more to appease my guilty conscience 😛 but oh well – it wasn’t mine, so anyways!)

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