Posted by: annmucc | April 9, 2009

First 3 Days in Malta

I’m now in Malta (Hence the lack of posts, as I have been keeping myself busy otherwise…sorry guys!)

So I arrived home Monday night, where I found mum had left me a  small piece of ‘ghagin il-forn’ for satsifying part of my apetite, and cooked me a small portion of ‘ravjul’ my aunts had made for the rest. After some chit-chatting however it was on to bed.

Tuesday morning was a rush to get a couple of details that crop up for me to sort out when I’m abroad like bank etc. Why did I want to finish as much as possible on Tuesday morning? Well…Michael was coming Tuesday afternoon, so I wanted to get as much out of the way as possible ;).

Michael arrived on a flight arriving a bit early…out through baggage claim (this was one of the first times he was travelling with actual luggage, so it took a bit long :(), and yippeee! There I was! Together again *GRIN*. Immediately however my mum had given me a couple of errands to run, including buying some bread and picking stuff up from my aunts’ house. So off we went!

Back home, hello’s over, I had decided that I wanted to make ‘figolli‘ and ‘kwarezimal‘. So (probably to Michael’s dismay :P). We were soon at work making these Maltese Easter desserts. We managed to make 9 figolli (and what we called a banana split figolla with left-overs :P). This was then followed by kwarezimal. Haven’t tasted anything as yet (besides the banana split ;)) because the figolli still needed decorating…which we started today (hopefully to finish tomorrow).

After making figolli we were then quite tired, so it was time to be off to watch a film (The Visitor), and sleep.

Wednesday morning was ‘make-over day’. A friend of mine is studying to become a hair-dresser, so I decided to leave it up to her to do something with my hair. She enjoys colour, so we had discussed her giving me some colour (which I had never done)…and that’s what she did! The result? I’m still not so sure…having had no colour in my hair ever, I am finding the highlights a bit too colourful for me…hopefully it will grow on me…we’ll see. I love my hair cut however, and also the haircut Michael got.

Wednesday evening we then went to pick up Cecilia’s (my sister’s) boyfriend (Bernard). At his house, while we waited, Michael got his first taste of braod beans…Bernard’s sister and I however laughed our heads off seeing Michael trying to open the bean pod in a totally different way from what we normally do (twist it in half ;)). Sorry Michael! From there it was off to pick up Cecilia at work, and off to a shop for her to look for a dress for a friend’s wedding. Unfortunately, I will be back in London for the wedding, so won’t be going :(. Dresses were tried on, dress chosen, and after dropping Cecilia and Bernard at Bernard’s place, Michael and I were off to Sliema.

What were we to do in Sliema? Well…Michael had set up a dinner with La Delirante and Red, two Maltese bloggers in Malta. We have been following each others blogs for quite some time now, so it was great to meet. At their suggestion we met at Portopalo restaurant…the food was good, but the conversation was even better. It was nice to meet another couple (half-Maltese half-Salvadorian) and be able to chat away with them…often, since we only meet for short times, we end up spending most of the time alone, but meeting other people is always great.

Today however I woke up with a throat hurting much more than it has been for the past few days, and blocked sinuses. This always happens in Spring in Malta, but I guess coming straight here from London meant I got it all at one go. So this morning saw us going to the doctor’s, where I got antibiotics for the throat infections I have developed, and some anticongestants (I think) for my blocked sinuses…same story repeats itself! I am sick for holidays and weekends!

Back home we then started on decorating the figolli :). Today’s task was to cover the figolli in melted chocolate, and stick on little Easter eggs. Tomorrow we should then finish the icing sugar to finish the decorating (had to wait for the chocolate to set).

However, it seems like the pills I have make me quite drowsy! So by now I was feeling so tired! So off to bed I went after eating, while Michael took some time to answer e-mails/upload and tag photos/blog. I just woke up, and soon should start cooking for tonight (it seems that when Michael is in Malta we do a lot of cooking ;)). Tonight we should be going to the seven churches visit with Cecilia and Bernard…but will tell you more about that later.



  1. Why is it that everyone is ill weekends and hoidays!? It won’t help you feel better though, sorry!

  2. It was so cool to meet you guys! 🙂

    We really enjoyed it!

    Sorry to hear about your throat. I guess it’s bound to happen in spring to many people. I get allergies too but my eyes are affected by these so I always carry with me the medicine I need (drops) or else I feel like scratching my eyes non stop when the hay fever attacks.

    Get well soon.

    See you!

  3. Highlights??!!
    Now I must see you 🙂

  4. Hope that you are feeling better! I came down with a terrible cold yesterday and I am still struggling, hoping that the many Day Nurse pills I am taking will make a difference! 🙂 Take care and Happy Easter! 🙂

  5. Khai was suffering from hay fever the whole time we were travelling in Italy. Poor thing.

    I hope you feel better soon, so you can enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  6. Hi! I’ll be studying in London next year and I’m interested in the residence you’re staying in.. I was thinking that maybe you could tell me some about it! What is it like, is it ok? would you recommend it?
    Great blog by the way! 🙂 Thanks in advance for your help!

  7. Please feel free to delete the message below, as it is somehow irrelevant to your original post:
    Dear member of the world blog surf day. shut down my Golden Prague blog! Full details can be read here:
    This means a) I can’t approve/ answer anymore questions/ comments on that blog and b) I will transfer the relevant information to my personal blog Please give me a bit of time to do this 😉 The 2.WBSD will take place on the 13th June, no worries! I will be away the whole of next week and don’t know if I have time/ internet access where I am. May I also ask you to remove any links to from your blogs/ sites as to not confuse people? Thanks a lot, hear from you soon, SY

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