Posted by: annmucc | April 26, 2009

And North we Go!

Although I have been in London for more the 6 months, I realise I haven’t been much out of the centre. But yesterday I got the reason to do just that…go up north to the Muswell Hill area. Reason? Beckie and Jamie (mentioned here and here and here) had organised a bbq in their garden for Beckie’s 30th birthday. I was a bit reluctant to go originally, as I always am with doing stuff it seems, but on Friday night I decided to bite the bullet and RSVP Maybe on the facebook event page. Then yesterday appeared to be a very good day, and knowing that moping around alone inside would definitely do me no good, I decided to just up and go. 

The first thing I noted when I emerged out of the abysses of the earth at Finsbury Park was how nice and more homely the area up north is when compared to the central area I live in. Taking the bus from Finsbury Park to Muswell Hill we passed through friendly looking areas, green woody areas, and trees! As I was on the bus I was immediately warming up to the idea. 

I arrived at Jamie and Beckie’s place at 3:15pm, when the start time was scheduled at 3pm. Being Maltese, I had planned to arrive around 4pm, but being horrible at planning stuff with Landon transport (the ride should have taken me around 2hrs, rather than just over an hour as it did!), I was the first guest to arrive, besides Jamie’s sister and a cousin who had been there from the morning helping out. Oh well!

The  area of the house is gorgeous, and I really liked the garden…I didn’t know this kind of a place existed in London, and being a bit impolite and asking for the price, I realised that maybe it is not as far out of our budget when Michael moves to London, though it is a bit far out from the centre). That put a smile on my face 😉

The party was a small thing of around 20 people, mainly family and a few friends. Looking back I am a bit surprised to have been invited, seeing as I mainly know them through Michael, but I certainly don’t regret it…spending an evening bbqing in a sunny garden with pleasant conversation was certainly enjoyable (and much more preferable to staying at home moping ;)). This inspite of all the social errors I am sure I committed, including arriving a bit early, going in for two kisses on the cheek when the other person was coming in for one kiss and a hug (LOL!), and also I think I missed something about the drinks…I think I should have drunk what I took with me, but I didn’t realise that, so took wine and some Bacardi Breezers, and mainly drunk mohitos (thanks to jamie’s sister who made them – mmm!) and water, together with a 1/4 shot of some honey and pepper vodka shot (a bit doubtful about that combination!).

Well, inspte of my social ignorance, Iam glad I made the effort to go. It was great to see Jamie and Beckie again, and also to be in such a warm and welcoming environment, where everyone knew everyone (except me ;))…wish I had that kind of an environment around me in London! But glad to have it in Malta 🙂


  1. isn’t there something along the lines of a ‘Social No-nos in London for dummies’ you can buy? :PP

  2. @ Mina: Haha…haven’t found it as yet, but if you do send it over 😉

  3. lolz nahseb by the end of the night you were pretty drunk :p glad you had a lovely weekend xx

  4. @ Marilyn: Have you ever seen me drunk? 😉 If anything it takes much more to get me drunk than you 😛 (remember NYE xi 2 years ago 😉 I didn’t get drunk, though I am sure I drank much more than you!)

  5. I’m sure no one cared that you drank everything else other than your own stuff. jamie and becks are scots after all. 😉

  6. @ Grace: Well…I don’t drink all that much, but I didn’t think it was on to just take what I would drink (which would have probably been 2 glasses of wine max!). SO I just took things for everyone (besides not realising before the end of the night that maybe that is what I shoud have done)

  7. […] Some time back we received a facebook event from Jamie (I’ve mentioned him here and here and here): he was playing at the ‘Return to Camden‘ festival, launching a CD with 2 others: […]

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