Posted by: annmucc | April 26, 2009

The Beauty of Parks

When I was on my internship in Prague and started going out with Michael, he tried to introduce me to the joys of lying in a park, and relaxing. The concept at the time proved foreign to me, and I couldn’t grasp it (much to his surprise I believe ;))…I could only think of that as ‘time wasted doing nothing’, and ‘doing nothing’ was something I didn’t do! However, slowly, the concept has been sinking in to my (dense?) brain and turning into a possibility.

After yesterdays bbq in the sun, I saw that today was another gorgeous say, with the sun shining, blue skies with fluffy clouds, and a pleasant breeze (I REALLY don’t understand why the English complain about the weather so much…from what I have seen so much in Malta we’re worse off!). Michael was talking about him going out to the park in Prague, and I starting getting tempted to do the same here. So I pinged Ruth asking if she was interested in going for a walk in the park and/or to read and study there. Sure she said! Give me 5 minutes to get ready…Bye Michael, I said, I’m off with Ruth 🙂

So this sunny afternoon saw Ruth and I make our way to Kensington Gardens, where after a walk around the Round Pond and beyond, we settled under a small tree (it was too cold under the big ones ;)) close to the pond, with me brining out my book and her getting some uni work done. 

This was my first time really using a park in London (or anywhere really) in this way, and not speeding through it. And I must say I really appreciated the experience :). So far I have been a bit skeptical of me going on my own, but being there with Ruth I realised that even if I was there on my own, it wouldn’t be as strange or in any way as unappealing as i though it would.

I really need to start making good use of the parks!



  1. sounds like fun!
    i am profoundly jealous 😛

  2. @ Mina: You can come and visit when you want…you know that 😛 (though not in May! – in May come to Pisa :P)

  3. yeah sure I#’ll come in May.. during my A-levels! 😛

  4. @ Mina: You can come whenever 😛

  5. Parks are lovely…Not that we have many in my country but the few real ones I have been to are nice and I enjoy my time there 🙂

  6. Parks are a nice alternative place for lunch too by the way! 😉

  7. @ Ruthie: 🙂

  8. Lazing in a park. The only proper thing to do on a Sunday when the sun is out 🙂

  9. good to read your updates again Ann! 🙂

    Like Michael, I spent yesterday at one party, swapping books with some people and then joined Michael and other friends in another park afterwards. The sun is again shining brightly today. It’s a pity some of us have to work.

    I’m so glad to hear that you are going to Pisa after all! 🙂 The parks in Italy are absolutely stunning, I’m sure you’ll spend many hours in them.

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